Placard 5.56 X .45

Height 1.00
Width 1.00
Depth 1.00
Maximum purchase 2
Color None Selected Required

The LV Placard was designed to give users superior retention of magazines and other mission critical equipment. The usage of elastic creates form fitting cells that can hold a variety different items. The stretchy nature of elastic allows it to expand to accommodate large or oddly shaped pieces of equipment. Unlike other elastic pouches on the market, we utilize webbing at the base of the system instead of sewing it completely shut. This allows for maximum flex and articulation  and assists in eliminating the "birthing" effect  (this is where items begin to be pushed out of the pouch because the elastic tapers at the bottom). We have also added laminate loops on the outside of each cell to allow for the attachment of retention loops or to allow you to pull the pouch open to insert items more easily. The back of the placard is fully lined with hard loop velcro for a secure fitment to your plate carrier. 

The LV Placard is more than just a placard. Each corner has a small loop of 1" webbing. This webbing is used to attach the included ITW Nexus hardware, turning your placard into a Nano sized chest rig. The LVP is compatible with many other accessories listed below:


Bungee Retention Kit

Sub Abdominal Carry Kit (SACK)

Lunch Box Pouch

Expander Wings

Fat Straps

Back Strap

Skinny Straps 

The Hook

If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact

Product Reviews

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Want to look like a normal guy but not be?
Written by Johnathan Thomas on May 10th 2021

This company makes what's effectively going to be the future of gear, modular systems that provide you exactly what you need and nothing more. This thing is great to run under a hoodie, and works well in conjunction with an AIWB rig. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to have 3 mags on deck without wearing a ton of shit to do so.

The Best!
Written by Alex Y on Mar 20th 2021

This is hands down the best placard I have ever used on my plate carrier or going light as a chest rig. Anyone who is an 11B or 0311 will appreciate this placard. We tend to go to various shooting positions from standing, kneeling, sitting and especially PRONE! This placard is minimal to where you can comfortably go into the prone with out year gear getting in the way of a steady position. I only use this placard now with some times going to the micro for when I might be doing more admin focus tasks as a Platoon Sergeant.

absolutely perfect
Written by g.h. on Jul 31st 2020

one of the best placards i've used. the stretch is nice and tight, the multicam pattern is perfect, and you can tell it's built to last. good work.

Perfect for LoVis/lightweight and carriers
Written by Dylan on Jul 30th 2020

Excellent retention, build, fitment; this is a premium quality mag placard in about every conceivable way. I run it with Wing Expanders and a different Abdominal pouch with or without a carrier and it gets the job done well. Very low profile for those that prefer to keep their front less-bulky for skull-dragging, prone shooting and other fun LARPing activities. Don’t forget to mix camos for the true Chad operator look.

Great low profile option
Written by Max on Jul 30th 2020

I have 2 placards now and whether you’re pairing with your plate carrier or running it as a chest rig, super comfy and great mag retention. I personally like running it with the skinny straps for the most lightweight rig

Best Equipment and Customer Service
Written by James on Jul 30th 2020

I will purchase all my equipment from Spiritus. They replied to my emails and had stuff in stock. Thanks

Written by AlexY on Jul 21st 2020

I love this thing. It has replaced all of my other setups and is now my go too. I still use my micro chest rig for certain applications where I require more admin material for my recce missions. The placard fits like a glove on my kit and its low profile enough to where the prone position feels great with the magazine on the ground. The retention is surprisingly amazing. I wouldn't change one thing about this placard. I do recommend that spiritus makes a single or double version of this with molle attachment in the back so it may be added on side of the plate carrier. This is by far my favorite placard/kit. Too bad I can't add pictures to my review. I'm a former Ranger Battalion guy and current infantry.

Tough & Tight
Written by Mark on Jul 5th 2020

The carrier snugly holds magazines. Fits the Overt Plate Carrier very well. Stitching looks solid.

exactly what was needed
Written by Calico Jack on Jul 1st 2020

purchased an aloha carrier, needed to piece the rest of it together. This worked awesome, holds everything tight and comes with every you would need.

Written by Justin on Jul 1st 2020

Holds 3 pmags pretty tight. I've been storing some mags in mine just to get it stretched a bit more. Simple and effective though -- just what I wanted.

Written by Mike on Apr 30th 2020

The minimum needed. Can even do handstand walks and they don’t drop mags.

556 Placard
Written by Garrett on Apr 22nd 2020

I got this because I do not like a ton of equipment front loaded on my rig. I tend to be in the prone often while training and this is by far the best solution and placard of its kind. Another great piece of kit!

Small and multifunctional
Written by Chris W on Apr 16th 2020

Loving it on my overt carrier, keeps to the more minimalist profile. Retention off the bat is great, and do like having the option to run it as a chest rig if I so wish. 11/10 would recommend

I love this thing
Written by Neil on Mar 25th 2020

This whole cummerbund system that Spiritus has is magic. Just plain magic. It so stupidly simple, yet so comfortable and quick to put on, it’s got me wearing my carrier while working out and other places because it’s just so easy to don and doff. I’ve used this placard with PMAGs and Stribog mags and worked out, jumped around, etc, things stay where they should and are close to the chest for keeping things streamlined. I used to want to have all the things on all the surfaces, then I tried using that setup and moving was a hot mess. This placard and cummerbund setup with the covert play bags? Forget about it, it’s a no-brainer. So much more useful and comfortable.

Written by Mimi on Jan 1st 2020

A Christmas present that was loved!

A Better 10 Speed
Written by A State Trooper on Dec 9th 2019

If you had a good experience with BFG 10 Speed, you'll have an even better one with this.

Pretty awesome
Written by Chris Clarke on Nov 7th 2019

I got this for a training while I wait for the micro fight chest rig chassis to get restocked. This placard is great with is fantastic retention, especially when used with magpul magazines. It is a very high quality elastic that holds onto the mags very well, that you really don't need to strap them in with further retention. At least not when it's new. Tip: leave mags in the elastic for a few days, so the openings conform to the mags. This will allow easier indexing. Also train with them. The mags are more resistant to remove (a good thing), so your muscle memory needs to be on point.

Great placard, High Quality
Written by Devon P on Oct 30th 2019

Outstanding build quality as always, keeps a low profile when empty and allows easy access to mags when in use. Material feels like it will last for a long while. 10/10 would recommend to others.

Written by Cody on Sep 25th 2019

Solid piece of gear, low profile and high quality material. Like others have said, leave mags in for a bit to form the shape.

Low Profile
Written by Stef on Sep 5th 2019

This is the perfect option for when I want to run a lower profile front. Retention is great, but I suggest leaving mags in it so it can form to the shape. Bungees are easily added for extra retention if needed. The clips allow you to easily swap between setups. It’s spiritus, so you know that you’re getting quality.

Written by Ryan Moore on Jul 7th 2019

I wanted to run an “everything you need, nothing you don’t” type setup, so I opted for this instead of a micro fight. I had never used elastic retention before but I couldn’t be happier, the mags are super secure but still easy to get out quickly, I can’t recommend this enough.

Written by Matthew McDermott on Jul 1st 2019

Great retention, low profile, and the craftsmanship is unmatched.

Quality as expected
Written by Vincent Fulgieri on May 7th 2019

This is spiritus systems. You’re not getting anything less then quality. Buy without hesitation. There is a reason you always see stuff on her out of stock

Written by Nick on Feb 21st 2019

This product is outstanding. I switch between running AK and AR platforms. This allows me to run both with no absolutely problems. Outside of magazines, this also holds plenty of items when paired with the bungee retention kit. I was keeping a close eye for wear and tear from an AK steel lug. After a few months of work and two-gun matches, I have seen zero problems with it. If you're looking for a slim set up that'll allow you to run different magazines for different systems, then this is the product for you.

Great little product.
Written by Zach S on Nov 13th 2018

Got mine in CB to replace a low profile placard from Mayflower that I've had for years. Holds mags securely and is fairly easy to reindex. Works well with my other kit and integrates with my Haley flatpack for a minimalist patrol rig. Conceals nice under bulkier winter clothing.