Micro Fight Back Strap

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It's pretty simple: if you have a Micro Fight Chest Rig, you're going to need this. The Back Strap provides the retention necessary to keep the Chassis close to your body.

This strap can also be used as a sling if you wish to carry your Micro Fight in a cross-body configuration as a "Go Bag." The Micro Fight Back Strap has a maximum adjustment of 36 inches and a minimum adjustment of 8 inches. 


NOTE: The BACK STRAP is part of the Micro Fight Chest Rig System. This item does not include the chassis, shoulder straps, magazine inserts, or any other accessories. The BACK STRAP is a necessary component of the Micro Fight Chest Rig System when running as a stand-alone system and highly suggested on a plate carrier.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.


** Suggested Colors to properly match your Micro Fight Chest Rig System**

Chassis Color                      Strap Color

Multicam                              Multicam
Multicam Alpine                 Multicam Alpine
Multicam Arid                     Coyote
Multicam Black                   Jet Black
Multicam Tropic                 Ranger Green
Coyote                                  Coyote
Ranger Green                      Ranger Green
Jet Black                               Jet Black
Wolf Grey                             Wolf Grey
Woodland (M81)                 Olive Drab (M81)

Product Reviews

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Very adjustable
Written by Adam on Sep 10th 2019

You can adjust the strap on both ends very smart great product.

Micro back strap
Written by Gage on Aug 2nd 2019

It's really simple. This system gets rid of the molle webbing I'm so used to. I was unsure about the micro fight chest rig because I play paintball, and was worried the paintball ar mags I have are larger than real ar mags but they fit like a dream. Everything fits perfect from the skinny shoulder straps to the micro back strap. Awesome rig!

Written by Aaron on Jun 23rd 2019

Low cost piece but necessary. Keeps the rig close to your chest and tighter than the fat straps alone. Dont skimp on this piece!

Worth the minor cost
Written by Ben F on May 7th 2019

Very secure strap despite looking very simple. This strap sits just under my plates and is comfortable on the back. I have had no issues with adjustment loosening or retention failing even during demanding training / field work.

Written by Kyle on Apr 14th 2019

I've studied the Spiritus Systems rig for a while. I finally pulled the trigger and got one. The modularity is a huge selling point as well as numerous other options. I've ran this in one training class to date and I'm only mad about how long I waited to buy one.

A must have.
Written by Julian on Apr 1st 2019

It’s a stap, it goes over your back, what more could you ask for? It’s easy to adjust and keeps my chest rig secured quite well for better ease of use and is a must have to complete the micro fight chest rig.

Must have
Written by Rrotz on Dec 1st 2018

Perfext addition to the bank robber and microfight

Back Strap - Feels required
Written by Evan on Jul 2nd 2018

I’m surprised when companies don’t include a backstrap with their chest rigs, and Spiritus had done a good job with theirs. Very simple, easy to adjust, even while wearing the chest rig, and does what it’s meant to do. I tighten mine quite a bit so that when I draw magazines, the chest rig itself doesn’t ride up with the drawing hand.

One Size Fits All
Written by Brandt on Feb 17th 2018

nothing crazy; very simple and fits all sizes of "waists" and core areas. 5/5... MC colors would be cool, but not a serious issue or complaint.

Item received !
Written by Pilotelle on Feb 7th 2018


Written by Tim Koury on Dec 10th 2017

It's a perfect back strap for any configuration. Never in the way and never uncomfortable. Go on. Get it.

One size really fits all
Written by Travis on Nov 28th 2016

I had to adjust this strap until it's about a foot long in order to properly keep the rig down, but that's due to my small frame. The trap itself does not shift or wiggle after you set it, and I have had no issues with it. Very satisfied.