34 Alpha Chest Rig

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Maximum Purchase:
10 units


Elastic Pistol Elastic Storage Cell Dimensions, 5.56 Elastic Storage Cell Dimensions, 7.62 Elastic Storage Cell Dimensions, Hook & Loop Slot Opening Length,


Elastic Pistol Elastic Storage Cell Dimensions:
Height 5.25 in. / Length 2.25 in. / Width 1 in.
5.56 Elastic Storage Cell Dimensions:
Height 5.25 / Length 2.5 / Width 1in
7.62 Elastic Storage Cell Dimensions:
Height 5.25 in. / Length 3 in. / Width 1 in.
Hook & Loop Slot Opening Length:
8 in.



The 34 Alpha Chest Rig is a split chassis that will interface directly with the existing Spiritus Systems straps and pouches.

This is a true blank-slate platform that enables load-carriage configuration options for weapon ammo of nearly any caliber, and when combined with the Spiritus Systems current Pouch Suite, the end user’s options are near-limitless. The system is constructed to be as low-profile as possible to add minimal bulk to the finished split rig, letting the end-user configure a chest rig that does exactly what they need it to do on any given mission without added bulk or unused space.  

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The system can be paired with a set of Micro Fight Fat Straps [Buy Here] and Back Strap [Buy Here] to create a complete platform for a wide range of load bearing configurations. The panels are built with Squadron MOLLE front faces and elastic cells on the back for extra storage. The bottom of each 34 Alpha Panel also has a hook & loop slot to mount hanger pouches. The chest rig panels are connected via two sliding Fastex buckles that provide a secure connection point, as well as quick, one-handed, opening and closing when engaging in activities that may require an open front configuration (i.e. going into the prone). They also allow for micro adjustments at the front without having to modify the width of the back strap. 

Each panel features six columns of MOLLE on the front and is compatible with all of Spiritus’ GP Pouches, our SPUD Pouch, the Liberty Dynamic Flash Bang Pouch, the JSTA Pouch, and Nalgene Water Bottle Pouch. The top of the panel is built with integrated anchor point holes that give the wearer a secure solution for internal magazine retention when combined with our bungee retention kit, or to tie down secure items stored on the chest rig pouches.

The internal elastic cells in the back are sewn in at three different widths to accommodate a wide range of items ranging from pistol magazines and multi-tools, all the way to 7.62 rifle mags and more. When assembled, the 34 Alpha Split Rig gives end-users access to a load bearing solution that will support a wide range of weapon platforms, mission profiles, and loadouts.

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