When will the item I want be back in stock?

Stocking is a complicated game. We build as many of an item as we possibly can. Generally items will restock within 30-60 days of going out of stock. If it is on the website, it most likely has not been discontinued but is just out of stock. Please do not email us with stocking inquiries, the lead times of items are constantly changing and and answer we give you today, may not be true tomorrow. 

You can sign up for  notifications under each product to be notified when they are restocked. Follow this link for instructions! RESTOCK NOTIFICATION INSTRUCTIONS

I placed two separate orders, can Spiritus Systems combine them so I don't have to pay the extra shipping? 

Although we understand the desire to save money on shipping, the scale and size of our shipping operation not inhibits our ability to capture orders that are mid process and combine them with other orders. Your orders will be processed in the order that they are received and sent out as individual orders. Please ensure your order is complete and the items that you need are added to your cart. A double check now can save a lot of heart ache later! 


Is your gear really made in the USA?

Yes. We use only the highest quality materials for all of our products. Our products are Berry Amendment Compliant, meaning they are made in America, by Americans, out of US made materials. 


Can you build me a custom item or something you already make in a custom pattern?

No. We don't provide any custom services at this time. 


Do you offer a Military/ LE discount?

No. We price our products as low as we can up front because we know that it's mostly being bought by Soldiers and Law Enforcement Officers. Because of this, we do not offer a discount for orders off the website.  


My unit wants to order in bulk. How do we do that?

We would love to service your department or unit. Just shoot us an email at support@spiritussystems.com and a representative will reach out to you within 48 hours to get the process started. 


What shipping options do I have when purchasing with Spiritus Systems?

We ship all of our products through USPS Priority. We DO NOT offer any other shipping option at this time. We've had the best results with USPS and the tracking and insurance Priority gives you helps everyone follow the product from our door to yours.


I don't live in the US, but I would still like to order Spiritus Systems equipment?

International shipping is not a problem for us. However, international shipping tends to be more expensive and Spiritus Systems does NOT determine the cost of international shipping.  Keep in mind that any taxes or fees that are exacted by your country is your responsibility. Spiritus Systems will not be responsible for items that are seized and held in customs.  


Can I get my items shipped to an APO/FPO/DPO?

Yes. We are happy to ship your items to you while you serve abroad. Keep in mind that it takes longer to process items through your APO. Please allow plenty of time for your items to arrive. We are NOT responsible for items that do not make it to you before you move locations! Tracking is also extremely unreliable once the package leaves the United States, so don't panic when you check it. 


How long will it take to get my order?

We are every bit as impatient as you when we order something new, so we make sure orders are processed as fast as possible. Our current shipping lead times are 48-72 hours of when you purchase (not counting weekends or holidays.)  USPS Priority shipping normally gets it from North Carolina to most places CONUS in 3-4 days.


What if I'm not home when my package arrives?

We do not offer signature confirmation. The USPS will leave the package at your mail box, or front door most likely. If you are afraid of your package being stolen please be present when it is delivered. 


Are items on the website in stock? 

 If it says it's in stock, we mean it, and you can buy it. If it's out of stock, you can't buy it. We do not offer back orders or pre-sales.  


What if I want to return something?

If you receive a product with manufacturing or materials defects, please send an email to support@spiritussystems.com and we will make it right.  This applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. We reserve the right to request proof of purchase  when processing claims. 

For any other reason, we're happy to return or exchange unused, undamaged, defect-free products still in their original packaging within fourteen (14) days of the shipping date. You will be required to pay all shipping charges back to us as well as cover all shipping charges of the new product back to you. There will also be a 10% restocking fee for any items that are returned to cover the cost of restocking and inspecting returned products. 

Older version of products cannot be exchanged for their newer versions!

My Cord-lock on my Sack Pouch/Lunchbox Pouch or Bank Robber is not working. What do I do?

Cord-locks for these products may arrive "unset." If your slide-lock seems to be broken/has no spring action, it likely just needs to be set. Squeezing the lock firmly between your thumb and index finger should apply enough pressure to the top of the lock to "pop" it, activating the spring mechanism. If you still cannot activate the cord-lock after applying reasonable pressure to it, please contact customer support for a replacement product. 


The elastic magazine inserts make it difficult for me to reindex magazines one-handed.

It is more difficult than Kydex, but it actually isn't difficult! Get out there and train! Also, you should be asking yourself why are you training to retain magazines this way?  Don't create a training scar that is going to get you killed by placing a broken or empty magazines into your chest rig. 


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