Is your gear really made in the USA?

Absolutely. We make equipment for men and women fighting the good fight and we take that seriously. We use only the highest quality materials for all of our products. Our products are Berry Amendment Compliant, meaning they are made in America, by Americans, out of US made materials. Everything is designed, cut, sewn, packaged, and shipped from our facility in North Carolina. Your Spiritus Systems gear is made of the highest quality materials available because we know first-hand what it means to have cheap equipment fail you, and that's never an option for us. 


Can you build me a custom item or something you already make in a custom pattern?

No. We don't provide any custom services at this time. 


Do you offer a Military/ LE discount?

Nope. We price our products as low as we can up front because we know that it's mostly being bought by Soldiers and LEOs. We know you don't have time for games, so we'll leave the pricing games to someone else.


My unit wants to order in bulk. How do we do that?

Shoot us an email at support@spiritussystems.com and we'll get you squared away.


What shipping options do I have?

We ship all of our products through USPS Priority. We've had the best results with USPS and the tracking and insurance Priority gives you helps everyone follow the product from our door to yours.


I don't live in the US, but still NEED your gear. What do I do?

Never fear, we have your back. We'll ship anywhere. We understand that international shipping from USPS is expensive, but no matter how many times we ask, they won't lower it for us. If you live across the pond, check out Tactical Kit, UK to help with the European shipping rate woes. If you reside in the Great White North, Rampart International will be your hookup.


What about APO/FPO/DPO?

Your shipping will be the same rate as domestic orders because the USPS loves you. Stay frosty out there.


How long will it take to get my order?

We are every bit as impatient as you when we order something new, so we make sure orders are processed as fast as possible. USPS Priority shipping normally gets it from North Carolina to most places CONUS in 3-4 days.


What if I'm not home when my package arrives?

USPS also has no time for games, so they'll leave it in your mailbox or at your doorstep. Yes, you can take that trip to Dunkin Donuts without fear.


I have PTSD from ordering tactical gear from other places and now I'm worried that you're going to be out of stock and my order will go onto some long list and I won't see it for 5 years and you'll yell at me in a Youtube video when I ask what happened to what I thought was going to be a simple transaction...

We've been there and we hate it every bit as much as you do. Once again, we don't have time for games. If it says it's in stock, we mean it, and you can buy it. If it's out of stock, you can't buy it. It's that simple. We're probably sewing it up right now, so hold squat for a couple weeks and keep checking our social media for restocking updates.


What if I want to return something?

If you receive a product with manufacturing or materials defects, shoot us an email and we'll make it right. We're here for the long haul and want you to get years of use out of your gear. This applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

If you and your buddy bought the same color kit and want to return or exchange it in order to avoid those awkward moments at the range (or for any reason), we're happy to return or exchange unused, undamaged, defect-free products still in their original packaging within fourteen (14) days of the shipping date. Expect to pay the shipping back to us, shipping of the new product, and a 10% restocking fee. We'll work it all out with you through email, so you can remain the envy of all your fellow gear aficionados


The elastic magazine inserts make it difficult for me to reindex magazines one-handed.

Why are you training to retain magazines this way? Seriously. Don't create a training scar that is going to get you killed by placing a broken or empty magazines into your chest rig. Please, just stop. 


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