SACK Pouch Mk3

Height 4.50
Width 7.00
Depth 2.50
Maximum purchase 2
Color None Selected Required

The Sub Abdominal Carrying Kit or "SACK" is the most versatile tactical "fanny pack" on the market.  It was designed to make critical equipment easy to access from both sides or when in a confined space like a vehicle. 

The pouch features a half zip design, which means that your equipment will not easily fall out of the pouch even if the zipper is left unsecured. 

The front of the pouch features a small zippered stash pocket that is perfect for easy access to small items. The bottom of the pouch features two elastic loops that can be adjusted to hold a tourniquet or other equipment that you may need to rapidly deploy. If bottom carry doesn't fit your mission needs, you can easily remove and reinstall the loops as necessary.

The inside features soft loop Velcro on both sides. This makes the pouch very dynamic, giving you the ability to use our Velcro Insert Suite to fit your requirements. It also features two slide-locks that make it easy to adjust the tension of the elastic loops hanging below, as well as two tie-down loops for securing sensitive equipment. The two grommet holes on the bottom aid with drainage of the pouch, if submersion occurs.  

The SACK is designed to fit onto the bottom of our Micro Fight Chest Rig, or any other plate carrier or rig that accommodates standard hook and loop, making it a versatile choice for those changing load-outs often. Simply pull this off one kit and add it to another.  


Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.


Velcro Attachment measures 7"x 4"

If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact 

Cord-locks for this product may arrive "unset." If your slide-lock seems to be broken/has no spring action, it likely just needs to be set. Squeezing the lock firmly between your thumb and index finger should apply enough pressure to the top of the lock to "pop" it, activating the spring mechanism.

Product Reviews

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Excellent Product
Written by Matthew Schmiel on Oct 21st 2020

Dose everything that is advertised. A very nice sized pouch that is a breeze to install. I really like the zippers and how they only go halfway down the pouch. No risk of spilling the contents all over the place.

Sack MK4 is awesome!
Written by James S. on Oct 21st 2020

I really like the quality of this pouch! Hoping Spiritus does a complete restock of everything soon especially the Micro chest rig in multicam soon. My first plate carrier is incomplete till the chest rig is available again.

great sack
Written by Michael Chin on Oct 19th 2020

solid build quality, lots of space for all the things. would buy again.

Perfect addition
Written by Ryan Lafferty on Oct 6th 2020

This was just the thing I was looking for to run medical on my PC. It integrates very well below my D3CRX on my JPC 2.0. It's not too bulky but fits absolutely everything I could ever need within arms reach.

Bigger than expected ;)
Written by Jeremy on Oct 6th 2020

Quality product as always but my first time seeing one in person, it’s actually massive and can fit so much shit. i love it

Great product
Written by Ethan Hemenway on Oct 6th 2020

Shipped quick and looks great on my plate carrier! Now time to decide what to keep inside it.

Great sack
Written by Ruben Molina on Oct 6th 2020

Perfect pouch to put all my extra equipment that I need readily accessible and most importantly for my snacks.

Sack MK3
Written by Matthew Michael Johnson on Oct 6th 2020

Quality is top notch of course. Perfect to run a Medkit off my overt. Could also be used as admin pouch, highly recommend as addition for LE/Mil purposes but also applicable in non professional use.

Great kit
Written by James Kulick on Oct 6th 2020

The sack is extremely well made and well thought out, it’s a great compliment to my lv119. I highly recommend it for those running plate carriers, if not the fanny sack would work great too.