Micro Fight Expander Wings

Height 5.00
Width 9.00
Depth 1.00
Maximum purchase 2
Color None Selected Required

The Expander Wings are a versatile way to expand the carrying capacity of your Micro Fight Chest Rig. With the addition of the Expander Wings you are turning your Micro Fight into a full profile Chest Rig that can meet the needs of a mixed tactics environment that demands more carrying capacity.  Originally designed to enable the user to carry a radio while using the Micro Fight Chest Rig, these little pouches can do much more than just that. Carry radios, extra magazines, water bottles, or any other kit that you may need. Easy to use with a simple pull tab and elastic retention system that is user adjustable to accommodate different sized items.

The Expander wings come in sets of two and you can mount them for left hand use, right hand use, or both to meet your needs. They mount to the soft loop Velcro field on the back side of the Micro Fight Chest Rig. They also utilize our unique loop over design that attaches to your Fat or Skinny straps to ensure a comfortable and stable attachment that will not sag even with heavy items placed inside.

The Expander Wings are oriented into the body which reduces their signature and securely holds items in place. 

The Expander Wings can also be used with most plate carriers. Simply place the Velcro tabs under the front flap of your favorite carrier and secure with the cummerbund. 

Sold as a pair including the left and right side Expander Wing.

If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact sales@spiritussystems.com

Product Reviews

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Micro Fight Expander Wings
Written by D on Aug 5th 2020

Needed a little more space on my Micro Fight, and these were the ticket. Great construction. Expected nothing less from Spiritus.

Adding Real Estate
Written by Sean E. Dunga on Jul 29th 2020

These are great for adding real estate to your rig. Whether it's for use with a radio, smoke, IFAK, you name it, they get the job done.

Written by Barnard Davis on Jun 25th 2020

These are an excellent addition to anyone's rig. They are incredibly versatile, holding everything from magazines to radios to smoke grenades. The adjustable shock cord is a great touch because it allows the wings to be scales to match the size of the item they need to retain, meaning smaller or slimmer objects can be retained with the same ease as larger ones. When not in use, they are flat against the kit and stay out of the way. Their versatility make them a valuable part of my kit because they can securely retain a variety of objects that change with the situation.

Buy it
Written by Chris Zark on Jun 2nd 2020

You need this. Fits extra stuff that you’re gonna need. Lays flat when you don’t need it. Buy it slap it on use it.

Written by Jon Newton on Apr 20th 2020

The micro fight expander wings are awesome but don’t work very well at all with tubes!

Very useful addition
Written by Carter Smithson on Feb 11th 2020

I bought a set of these to attach to my LV119 Rig. I used one for my ODIN IFAK, and it fit perfectly, and then other I use for my duty radio (Motorola XTS 2500). Both wings fit my items perfectly, and had great retention, especially when using the provided bungees. I have yet to come across any issues with them thus far, and they have been a very useful and utilitarian part of my kit.

Great addition
Written by Edwin Gonzalez on Nov 14th 2019

I can fit everything extra and my comms. It prevent the bulking from my chest rig. Also is great to put extra magazines when is setup on my plate carrier. Great product, Great quality, Great Price!!! If I could I would give 10 stars. Thanks Spiritus!!

Expander Wings
Written by William Rodgers on Oct 4th 2019

Perfect solution for holding my duty comms on one side and a reward or extra water for my working dog on the other side. Keeps everything high and tight against the body, much better than the integrated radio pouches on my other rig. I’m

Written by Brixx&Mortar on Apr 25th 2019

It’s a quality piece of gear. It’ll hold your comms, smokes, bangers, but most importantly your 16oz PBR cans!! Love spiritus

Expander Wings
Written by Luis on Aug 1st 2018

When I received this, I thought it was a defective product. I think it would be a better fitting product if the backer was placed against the body. Still works for me though.. I'll have to give a 4 out of 5.

Great addition
Written by Ty on Jul 25th 2018

These are a nice addition. I love the idea of being able to carry additional equipment without adding bulk to the rig. I can understand why the pockets are on the inside of the rig, however for comfort over long periods of time it would seem better to have the pouches fscing outward away from the user. Bulky items can press into the wearer's torso in certain situations. Also the other issue is that if the rig is adjusted to the user when bulky items are present, then removed, the rig can become slack. Otherwise

Expander wings
Written by Garrett S on Mar 1st 2018

Perfect addition to your Mico Fight system, these allow me to carry a radio in one side and a water bottle in the other while not adding any additional bulk. Just like everything Spiritus makes the possibilities are endless. Extremely well built and a great addition to your system.

Expander Wings
Written by Benjamin Carnell on Dec 23rd 2017

Love this product. The stitched 550 cord on the front to hold the webbing is awesome.

expander wings
Written by Trey on Oct 22nd 2017

The expander wings are a great addition to the chest rig to carry more stuff and things. I do not like how when they are empty it loses up the straps. I think they would be perfect if the pouches went on the outside of the straps. All that would have to be modified is the velcrow. The hook and loop sides would need to be switched and short enough to let the buckles be pulled behind the pouch and through the small straps as originally intended.

Easy expansion
Written by callum davenport on Sep 13th 2017

They are a nice easy way to expand the microfight. I think they are more comfortable with the fat straps than the skinny straps.

Expander Wings - Small but great addition to the rig
Written by Tom on Sep 11th 2017

I got my Expander wings last week and I have to say they're an excellent addition to the rig. They can carry two mags or a water bottle. They also fit the Tactical Tailor medical insert as well, which is what I am using one of them for. I was a little worried they would be a little too close to the body, but their placement is actually really comfortable. I will definitely be getting another set of these for my second chest-rig. Word of warning, it may intrude on the cummerbund MOLLE of your plate carrier, but it's not incredibly intrusive (maybe the first two columns). So if you've got small pouches to either side of your PC front you may need to shift them a bit. I've got an Velocity Systems LEPC with the quarterflap cummerbund, and they go over them just a skosh. Velocity System's swift clip adapter is a great pairing with this as it allows for you to have the longer male adapters to clip these down with a PC. Otherwise, they might kind of hang a bit. For a cheaper alternative, there are elastic bands on the back of the expanders (mirroring the front) that you can use para-cord to tie down.