Micro Fight Fat Strap

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Configure your rig for stand alone wear with our Micro Fight Fat Straps. Brilliance in the Basics means that we constructed these without complicated yoke systems or unnecessary features. This reduced profile design includes horizontal webbing and elastic mounting points for hanging Push-To-Talks or weaving cables and water carrier tubes. A Velcro loop patch on the back completes the Straps for placement of name tapes or IR Markers. 


NOTE: The FAT STRAP is part of the Micro Fight Chest Rig System. This item does not include the chassis, back strap, magazine inserts, or any other accessories. 

Some images are shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

Product Reviews

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Positive Weight dist
Written by Aaron on Jun 23rd 2019

Considered going skinny but went fat. Feels great. Easy to adjust.

Fat straps
Written by Joe on Jun 11th 2019

Haven’t got to run them yet but won’t have hurt to sew a bit of padding into the material. The straps seem to be just lacking that little bit taking the from good to great.

Typical Quality
Written by Kyle on Apr 14th 2019

I've studied the Spiritus Systems rig for a while. I finally pulled the trigger and got one. The modularity is a huge selling point as well as numerous other options. I've ran this in one training class to date and I'm only mad about how long I waited to buy one.

Micro Fight Fat Straps
Written by Luis Jennings on Apr 3rd 2019

These fat straps fit great. The H-harness design distributes the weight and balance of the loaded Mk-3. Love the multicam tropic.

Fat Strap
Written by Julian on Apr 1st 2019

Easy to adjust and quite comfortable. I don’t think I would have enjoyed the skinny strap as much as this one and is well worth the extra money.

So much sexi
Written by Blue falcon on Mar 12th 2019

It's holds up your tactical magazine bra... It makes you feel so sexy.

Awesome straps
Written by Matt on Dec 17th 2018

I bought this to modify my issues taps system and it worked great. The issuesd shoulder straps suck, dig into your neck, and allow your rig to move down. By integrating this h harness into it life is made so much better when I am forced to use my taps stand alone and was incredibly comfortable while in pineland. Only down side is the taps system uses all Male clips where as the H harness uses 2 female and 2 Male so in order to modify it you need to do some cutting or add on 2 female clips on to yours taps.

Very comfortable H harness
Written by Rrotz on Dec 1st 2018

I have. Other the skinny and fat straps, both are comfortable but I prefer harnesses over x harnesses. The H harness even works with the Haley DC3RM and vice versa.

Top Notch
Written by Darrell E Thompson on Aug 9th 2018

The fat strap works really well at distributing the weight of a fully loaded micro rig without digging into you.

Written by Ryan on Jul 6th 2018

Very comfortable, even when the chest rig is fully loaded, and made very well, like all of Spritus Industries products.

Good Surface area
Written by Brandt on Feb 17th 2018

Being 6'4, and very lean in nature, its hard for me to find a strap system that allows the rig to be held properly on my body while at the same time being able to be adjusted to fir the rig into the area of my front-torso, the Fat-Strap fixes that issue and is of VERY durable lightweight material, almost weightless and feels incredibly comfortable. Provides a ton of surface area onto the traps and shoulder area and doesn't dig into the muscles or into clothing causing irritable chafing. 5/5

Fat Strap
Written by Garrett S on Jan 23rd 2018

Perfect addition to the Micro Fight Chassis MK3, the wide straps allow for great fitment while displacing the weight of the load perfectly. It also has an endless amount of adjustment to fit close to body, over your pc, or covert. Would highly recommend this to go with your MK3 Chassis.

Micro fight chest rig and straps
Written by Britton Fuller on Jan 2nd 2018

Great set up all around, durable high quality products. Great customer service. Excited to see where this company goes.

Fits all, holds all
Written by Travis on Nov 28th 2016

I have an incredibly small frame, and these straps fit very well on me (for perspective, a JPC covers my torso). I've attached a carabiner to the left straps and they hold my gloves when I need to be hands free. Easy to adjust. The velcro on the back leaves space for not only my ID patch, but also a ranger eye and morale patch as well. Very satisfied.