Height 4.00
Width 6.00
Maximum purchase 2

The Hook. 

A simple method of attaching items securely where you want them. Easily stow your gloves when not in use or use it to feed chem light bundles on your next objective. The Hook is designed to be utilized on the back side of your micro fight, or underneath the flap or placard of a plate carrier. 

Velcro surface area measures 3x4 Inches.

One side is Hook the other is Loop. 

Available in Jet Black only.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact sales@spiritussystems.com

Product Reviews

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Hook Review
Written by Christopher Sorrentino on Oct 16th 2020

This ngenious product offers a unique solution to those interested in securing their gloves directly onto a chest rig. I could not be happier with my purchase (or the customer service provided by Spiritus Systems). 10/10 would recommend this company.

Written by BEE on Sep 23rd 2020

Great for stowing gloves or any other lightweight items that can be latched onto.

Written by Orlando Garcia on Jul 24th 2020

Works as intended and it does it well.

Great for gloves and chem lights
Written by Hunter Dunn on May 26th 2020

I love my hook. It’s a great way to hook your glove to your kit or hang chem lights off your kit. Easy to hook stuff up and take it off.

Great way to stow gloves.
Written by Kurt on Mar 6th 2020

This simple but effective addition allows me to easily and quickly secure my gloves when not needed. The hook and pile sandwich in between the cummerbund on my AVS. I ordered two so that I can run one on my pc and the other on my belt. I do wish they made a model that’s only 3”x2” instead of just this 3”x4” model. That way I could run it between my inner belt and my Ronin. And could therefore store gloves when only wearing my belt without my pc.

Hook Review
Written by Logan on Jan 21st 2020

Simple and excellent product. The hook is a very high quality and strong one. I would have preferred if the hook was facing the other way since I am right handed, but I only use this to hold my gloves. If I was using it for something else and I needed to maintain a firing grip, this is the orientation I would want.

Solid Hook
Written by Aaron on Jun 23rd 2019

Certainly good tension on this hook. It's no cheap budget-store biner. Beefy and solid. Velcro is clean. I feel like my hook is backwards but that's not anything training cant overcome

Written by Craig R on Jun 11th 2018

This thing is dead simple and very handy. I use it primarily while shooting 2 gun matches with a mircofight rig. I hang my SKD gloves on the hook while I'm not using them. It keeps them out of the way and I never have to wonder if I left them at a shooting bay or if they fell out of my pocket. A great buy for sure

Spiritus Systems Hook
Written by Garrett S on Apr 16th 2018

I ordered two of these to go on my chest rig, to take the place of some carabiner hooks I was using for chem lights and gloves. These work perfect, much more streamlined and gives a lot more added support versus the carabiner hooks. They clear my Sack allowing for easy and quick access to my gloves and lights. Very high quality hook that supports weight evenly. Another great product by Spiritus Systems!