SACK - Sub Abdominal Carrying Kit

Height 4.50
Width 7.00
Depth 2.50
Color None Selected Required

The Sub Abdominal Carrying Kit or "SACK" is the most versatile tactical "fanny pack" on the market.  It was designed to make critical equipment easy to access from both sides or when in a confined space like a vehicle. 

The pouch features a half zip design, which means that your equipment will not easily fall out of the pouch even if the zipper is left unsecured. 

The front of the pouch features a small zippered stash pocket that is constructed using a durable 4 way stretch material and is perfect for easy access to small items. The stretch material keeps those items snug and in place.  The bottom of the pouch features two elastic loops that can be adjusted to hold a tourniquet or other equipment that you may need to rapidly deploy. If bottom carry doesn't fit your mission needs, you can easily remove and reinstall the loops as necessary.

The inside features soft loop Velcro on both sides. This makes the pouch very dynamic, giving you the ability to use our Velcro Insert Suite to fit your requirements. It also features two slide-locks that make it easy to adjust the tension of the elastic loops hanging below, as well as two tie-down loops for securing sensitive equipment. The two grommet holes on the bottom aid with drainage of the pouch, if submersion occurs.  

The SACK is designed to fit onto the bottom of our Micro Fight Chest Rig, or any other plate carrier or rig that accommodates standard hook and loop, making it a versatile choice for those changing load-outs often. Simply pull this off one kit and add it to another.  


Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.


Velcro Attachment measures 7"x 4"

Product Reviews

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Great stuff
Written by AN on Oct 25th 2018

This is my second SACK. They've both been fantastic. You can see they're made with excellent quality.

Sub Abdominal pouch
Written by Zig on Sep 22nd 2018

The pouch fits perfectly on everything I have! Has lots of room for whatever I want to put in it.

Great SACK
Written by NEMO on Sep 9th 2018

The size and internal capability of this SACK are great. Where it can be better is velcro on the front and back, velcro on the front can allow for RED CROSS markings and velcro on the back can allow for the chemlite or any of the loop attachments. Also the below tourniquet bungees are great for the standard tourniquet, but if there were middle eyelets that can be used to center the bungees; it would allow for securing the sof-t tourniquet which is half the size of the regular tourniquet. Just my two cents. Currently using with my kit in Afghanistan.

Written by Whiskey on Aug 24th 2018

Do you want to throw all your shit into a s.a.c.k. so when its time to play there aint no need to dive into pockets or drop kit to rummage through like its yo mommaz purse..... or do you wanna keep om bein slopcity? Yeah, jamm it up——blackedoutwolfpack

Written by John S on Jul 29th 2018

The Spiritus Systems S.a.c.k is a very well built,super cool pouch. This isn't your daddies Fanny pack that he used to hide his stash. No sir. This is the tactical, way cooler big brother to that,meant to have quick access to whatever you want in S.a.c.k. Gloves? Yep. Snap lights? Check. Two bungees so you can have a tourniquet right up front? Damn straight. It has two separate compartments. I have my front half with admin stuff. Gotta have paper and pen to give all the girls my number,cause they can't stop lookin at my S.a.c.k. But foreal,this is a great pouch. Im going to buy another for my second platecarrier. This product is so nice,im gonna buy twice.

Sac Pouch
Written by Gabriel Odin on Jul 13th 2018

Fits great on my chest rig! Very compact but still has tons of room!

Great product
Written by Ryan on Jul 6th 2018

Perfect size for holding a med kit, also good for carrying extra magazines. The tourniquet holder on the bottom is an amazing idea.

Written by Braeden Walls on Jun 1st 2018

I just recieved the SACK a few days ago, so I haven’t been able to test it out much. I do like the size of it, it’s not overwhelmingly large, and it also doesn’t hang down too low. The pouch itself was made with great craftsmanship, I’m very happy with the overall quality of this product.

Written by Nolan on May 11th 2018

very pleased with this product. It is about perfect size, I think it just needs to be purchased with the organizers. the only complaint I had was the TQ bungees would come loose after I would pull a TQ out. so when I went to re-roll and stow the TQ I would have to dig into the pouch and re-synch down the bungees. Other than that it was a good addition to my kit. I'm using this as an advanced IFAK. It holds my I/O's, I/V kits, some addition HemCon stuff, scalpel, markers ect ect. I have already recommended it to other guys who recently ordered one of their own.

Good Kit
Written by R914 on Mar 14th 2018

This piece of gear is attached beneath a Crye JPC pate carrier. I utilized this pouch over the course of the last 10 days conducting various types of activities. I was concerned the pouch might bother me while sitting in a vehicle or helicopters for extended periods, however I was surprised that it was a non-issue. I never noticed the pouch unless I needed something out of it. It didn't really get in the way while relieving myself, either. I was undecided between this pouch and a similar one by another company, but decided on this one due to the fact that it had an external zippered pocket and the main compartment did not completely unzip all the way around. I really like this pouch and do recommend it. I didn't utilize the TQ bungees because I have a dedicated TQ pouch and I felt like the exposed TQ would easily snag in the dense brush where I was operating. The one thing I might prefer would be Velcro on the front (the reason for only 4 stars) so that a red medic cross patch could be applied. I'm told that the stretchy material on the front isn't conducive to the Velcro. This wasn't a deal-breaker. I teally like the pouch and do recommend it.

Awesome quality
Written by Greg Kessie on Mar 3rd 2018

perfect addition to current setup without adding bulk. very thoughtful design and high quality material. sack fits perfect under hsp rig on velocity systems vest. will be back for more !

The Awesome Sack
Written by Garrett S on Mar 1st 2018

If you have been on the ledge about getting one of these don't be. There are so many possibilities to be had with this. Attached to the bottom of the Micro Fight Chest Rig this makes a perfect Ifak kit, it has the bungee system on the bottom to hold your C.A.T which allows for quick deployment along with plenty of room for your med kit. If you don't use it for that you could hold gloves, gear, whatever you like. Just like everything Spiritus makes you can use it and customize it anyway you want. Awesome product!

Perfect Addition to Chest Rigs and Plate Carriers
Written by Garrett on Feb 5th 2018

I took a fair bit of time looking around for a "dangler" or "hanger" type pouch for my chest rigs and plate carriers. As soon as I learned of the SACK, it was an easy choice. By and far, the best part about this is the modularity. Pairing this with any number of the inserts allows it to be tailored to any kit you use. I personally use the 4 loop insert to keep extra tools and supplies separated, but I also have the divider insert and am looking to pick up the others. It blends well with my set ups and it doesn't get in my way or flop around. This is seriously worth it.

SACK of awesomeness.
Written by Tim Koury on Dec 10th 2017

You can put just about anything in here. Mags, 'nades, TQs, radios, batteries, shells, patches, a Snickers or two (or even ten), a water bottle, tools, a banana.... You get the idea. It's the perfect size.

Spiritus Systems SACK review.
Written by Damon Rooney on Jun 11th 2017

I will be following up with this review, after getting some field time with this product. However, I will start with this: Customer service, top notch. They wasted no time in getting g this sent out either. Initial impressions: VERY impressive. The SACK is well thought out, quality of construction is extremely high. I currently have it sandwiched between my Mayflower APC and an HSP D3CR chest rig. The SACK is right at home. I'm glad I went this due to the half open pocket design and the fact that there are two pockets as opposed to just one. Another added benefit is the hook and loop interior, with the option of adding organizational "shells" on the inside. Eight 40mm rounds in a package this samll is impressive. The adjustable bungee cords are perfect and my TQ is happy in it's new home there. In essence, well thought out, extremely well made piece of kit that will enhance your loadout. As stated, will be following up this review shortly.

SACK - Sub Abdominal Carrying Kit
Written by Helder Faria on Mar 8th 2017

Very nice piece of kit, well thought out when put together. I would recommend this to anyone looking for one.

The only sub abdominal pouch!!!
Written by Dalton Schissler on Feb 21st 2017

Incredible quality. Spacious. Hold everything you would need. Get one!!