Pistol Magazine Insert - Double

Height 4.00
Width 4.00
Maximum purchase 2

The Pistol Magazine Insert is a custom solution to a common problem. Instead of using pull tabs, velcro/snap flaps. or a hard kydex insert, we decided to be a little more innovative. 

Using elastic is very quiet when removing or adding magazines, giving you quick and easy access to your magazines while providing excellent retention.

Accepts most double-stack pistol magazines.

Use two inserts to carry up to 4 Pistol magazines. 


Available in Jet Black Only.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact sales@spiritussystems.com

Product Reviews

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Damn Skippy
Written by Htown on Oct 13th 2020

If you carry a couple of double stack pistol mags in your Micro Flight, this is a must. Easy to install, positive retention, smooth draw. Damn Skippy.

Great product
Written by Matt A on Aug 25th 2020

This product is exactly as described. Great retention and craftsmanship is exactly as expected from Spiritus. Excellent addition to the MK4.

Not Just For Pistol Mags
Written by JOSH on Aug 13th 2020

I use one of these for two spare pistols mags, and another under the half flap. The second one under the flap holds my multi tool perfect, and my Surefire E1B.

very nice indeed
Written by Eric on Jul 13th 2020

pistol mags fit nice and snug. can easily fit a snickers bar in there too incase i ever get hungry.

Product Review
Written by Redacted on Jul 6th 2020

Very highly recommend.

awesome versatile product
Written by Hugo Pacheco on Jun 24th 2020

I bought with the intention of using mags but has become part of my utility setup instead.

Pistol Insert
Written by Dewey Mahan on May 7th 2020

Great product with quick shipping

pistol insert
Written by Dell on May 7th 2020

10/10 well constructed, and fast shipping would recommend

Pistol Mag Insert
Written by Ross on May 5th 2020

Very versatile product, can be used for a host of other things other than mags.

Nice and easy
Written by Rookie on Jan 20th 2020

Easy pull and relatively easy insert with practice. Silent draw. What more could you ask for?

Great Insert
Written by Chaz on Jan 13th 2020

Does exactly what it's designed to do.

Double pistol insert
Written by Jacob Snell on Dec 19th 2019

I have tried the Ferro Concepts version of this because it was on sale and I regret not just buying another Spiritus Systems insert because these things are great compared to any other brand out there

Solid retention
Written by Aaron on Jun 23rd 2019

Holds mags solidly and firmly. Insert magazines before adding to chassis. Practice inserting mags to get the feel of changes and reinsertion. I run the 3x 5.56 and 2x pistol. It feels more than sufficient.

Written by William Smith on Jun 7th 2019

Does exactly what is says holds my magazines 5stars

Double pistol insert
Written by Joshua Roth on May 27th 2019

Great fast shipping. This product is beyond great. So durable and multifunctional. Gives me the ability to have my pistol mags off my waist to allow quicker mobility and weight off my waist. Ounces equal lbs. i highly recommend any of the spiritus systems. My fav is the mk4 micro rig.

Simple effective addition
Written by Jeremey Merrill on May 27th 2019

This is a great addition to your chest rig for if you just need to throw it on and you dont have the option to run a belt setup as well.

Written by Kyle on Apr 14th 2019

I've studied the Spiritus Systems rig for a while. I finally pulled the trigger and got one. The modularity is a huge selling point as well as numerous other options. I've ran this in one training class to date and I'm only mad about how long I waited to buy one.

Written by Richard on Feb 25th 2019

I use this in conjunction with the new MK4 in a professional compactly. Highly recommend.

Great Kit
Written by Darrell Thompson on Oct 9th 2018

Great piece of kit. Fits my Glock mags snugly without worry of loss or damage.

Double Pistol Mag Insert
Written by Josh Pippin on Sep 7th 2018

This along with the micro fight Mk3 are well made and incredibly modular. They’re made for mags, but can hold just about anything that size securely.

Top Notch
Written by Darrell E Thompson on Aug 9th 2018

Very solid fit for Glock mags, multi tools, surefire flashlights etc. They fit just about anything you can think of.