Submachine Gun Magazine Insert

Height 4.00
Width 8.50
Depth 0.25
Maximum purchase 2
Size Required

WARNING: This insert is ONLY compatible with the Micro Fight MK4 and MK3 Chassis. It is not compatible with the MK2 or MK1 Chassis, nor plate carrier kangaroo pouches. 


Some people say that Submachine Guns are a thing of the past. We say to hell with that. It doesn't matter if you are storming the Iranian Embassy in 1980 or raiding a meth lab in the Bayou today, the Spiritus Systems Submachine gun inserts have you covered. 

Submachine Gun Magazine Inserts enable you to carry 4 magazines in either the front or rear pocket of your Micro Fight Chest Rig, or you can carry 8 magazines by placing a Submachine Gun insert into both the front and rear pockets of your Micro Fight Chest Rig Chassis. 

To accommodate the largest amount of magazines, we have built two different types of SMG Magazine Inserts. It is impossible for us to test every submachine gun magazine that is on the market today. That being said, the inserts are elastic and if your magazine is similar in size to the ones listed, it will probably work.


Some images are shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact


Product Reviews

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Written by Jason Embree on Jul 7th 2020

Fits into my Haley Strategic micro chest rigs and holds the MP5 mags tight.

Sub gun magazine
Written by Cody on Jul 3rd 2020

Run this in my micro fight, it kills it. Makes me kill it. Everything just slays.

SMG inserts
Written by Jason on Apr 28th 2020

I was skeptical at first, but upon receiving my order, it fits my mags perfectly. I have no concerns when it comes to retention.

Great System
Written by David Lemon on Apr 25th 2020

Although not intended for use with Vertx backpacks, this system works perfectly with the velcro lined section of the Vertx Gamut 2.0

For Use w/ASG Scorpion EVO airsoft replica
Written by Kris Costello on Mar 6th 2020

FIRST THING: If you are using this with the airsoft version of the Scorpion EVO, when you are first inserting the mags in, be CAREFUL that the feed lips do not break off. I Broke two whist doing so. This insert was designed for real 9mm Mags that use a totally different, and more robust Round-feeding technology. That being said, after a few minutes of the mags being inserted in the pouch, this problem is not as concerning. And as you use it more, it'll get the right shape and eliminate this issue. Whether you are hitting the range, or shooting your friends/foes with 6mm plastic bb's, these inserts, along with the Micro Fight Chest Rig are the right choice.

Sub gun insert
Written by Designer G on Mar 2nd 2020

What can I say, simple, effective, modular and a a necessity for a versatile kit. I keep a micro separate with the sub gun insert In my pack for EDC and it’s perfection.

Sub gun insert
Written by Nick A. on Jan 14th 2020

Excellent product. Allows you to carry a lot of dope in a small rig. Quality you’d expect from spiritus. Great retention and surprisingly easy to reinsert mags. Bingo

B&T Mags
Written by Neal on Dec 11th 2019

Glock/MP5 size fits my B&T mags great; tight retention and well made.

SMG Mag Insert
Written by Alex on Jun 24th 2019

Its always a beautiful thing when a simple piece of kit is extremely versatile in many platforms and this insert is amazing in every way. reinserts during reload drills this insert has not failed me yet.

Spiritus SMG insert
Written by Andrew Tokarczyk on May 23rd 2019

I purchased this with the intent to use it in a Haley Strategic D3CRM as the Haley inserts never seem to be in stock. I can report that it fits perfectly! I use the larger option for scorpion mags. While intially it can be a pain to get the mags inserted, after some breaking in they slide right in. Re-indexing mags is easier than I thought it would be considering there is nothing holding the top open. Overall very please, seems like quality construction, time will tell. Happy with my purchase

KP-9 Mags
Written by Dave on May 8th 2019

Fits KP-9/KR-9 mags exceptionally well!!! Also, if you’re thinking about installing this is in a Haley Strategic chest rig, it fits quite nicely.

Perfect Fit, Form and Function
Written by Joe on Feb 21st 2019

I ordered the MP5/Glock magazine option for 33-round 9mm Glock magazines. The item arrived quickly. The magazines fit perfectly and had no unwanted movement. I installed the insert in my MK. 3 chest rig using cardboard pieces. The centered insert had a little room on each end inside the chest rig slot. (I could probably jam a chemlight in the space) I jumped up and down, did a handstand, twerked and danced the hustle. The magazines stayed put. I fully recommend this insert if you're running a pistol caliber carbine.

Submachine Gun Magazine Insert
Written by Jesus Ibarra on Jan 15th 2018

This item is perfect, I'm running 4 extended glock mags, and was initially worried they might ride too high and loose, but I placed the insert high and the mags fit dip into the rig and are very sturdy.