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The JSTA Pouch was designed as a space saving solution for battle belts and other platforms with MOLLE mounting points. The pouch features two inline stacked compartments that allow the end user to combine their magazine holders with a GP pouch in a small form factor. The inner sleeve is lined with Velcro loop fields that will accept the following Spiritus Systems magazine inserts:


-       1x 5.56 Single Rifle Insert

-       1x 7.62 Single Rifle Insert

-       1x Single Pistol Insert

-       1x Double Pistol Insert

-       1x 5.56 Single Rifle Insert + 1x Single Pistol Insert


The outer pouch is built with a quick-open Velcro flap, and has two compartments. The primary compartment features a Velcro loop field that will accommodate the following Spiritus Systems Utility Inserts


-       Shotgun/CR123 Battery Insert

-       Chemlight / AA Battery Insert 

-       3 Loop Pouch Insert


The secondary compartment can function as either as admin storage for smaller items or additional spill over from the main compartment. If the outer GP pouch is empty, the pouch is designed to lay extremely flat against the body. This reduces the pouch’s snag hazard when not in use. 


The JSTA can either be mounted to a belt through the integrated belt loops, or with MOLLE webbing. The pouch requires 3 rows & 3 columns of MOLLE to be properly mounted and has a footprint similar to the Spiritus Systems Small GP Pouch. Outside of belt mounted configurations, the JSTA is a great alternative to a small GP for flanking a Micro Fight on the Thing 2 Chassis. It can also be mounted to an LV/119 MOLLE Cummerbund.  


NOTE: The JSTA pouch does not include any accessories. All Velcro inserts are sold separately. 

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JSTA pouch
Written by Justin on Oct 9th 2021

Overall, great quality. Got it in multicam tropic which looks sick. It is a great concept however my only complaint would be the mounting method. It's designed to be used on a belt setup and it works however, when using the Spiritus pistol mag insert, when I pull the mag out, the entire pouch shifts upwards. Works fine so nothing to be concerned about. Ended up using a HSP rifle insert and that works wonderfully. If I was still active duty in the Marines I would absolutely love this pouch as you could definitely stuff a couple 40mm grenades in the storage compartment. Solid 4/5.