3 Loop Pouch Insert

Height 4.00
Width 6.00

The Spiritus Systems Pouch Insert Suite is designed to optimize your equipment through organization and increase performance by improving function. The inserts were designed to be modular, allowing you to mix and match them to your specific needs. 

The 3 Loop Pouch Insert is a simple yet effective design that allows you to carry an array of equipment in a secure and organized fashion. This insert is designed to be paired with our 4 Loop Pouch Insert to completely organize your equipment. 

We utilized a larger footprint in order to give the insert stability and keep it in place even in the most non-permissive environments. While most Velcro placards on the market today are flimsy and unreliable, our insert suite is designed to stay in place exactly where you attach it. 

Simply attach the Velcro Hard Loop Insert into your pouch or onto your Soft Loop lined accessory. 

This insert features three elastic loops that are capable of holding 40mm grenades, medical equipment or miscellaneous items.

Compatible with all Spiritus Systems Pouches. 


Comes in Jet Black.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

Product Reviews

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Amazing Quality
Written by Cody Fletcher on Feb 17th 2020

Not only is spiritus products top quality, ingenuity and versatility , but the service and support is top notch as well. I own 3 mk4 chest rigs and I own at least every type of insert. Best gear, best service, best company period!

Fits stuff
Written by Thienan Nguyen on Oct 25th 2019

Works great. I can fit my pistol, mags, and medical supplies in the loops.

3 Loop Insert
Written by CocaineShane on Apr 30th 2019

A simple way to reconfigure your loadouts. It works inside both Spiritus and Haley Strategic gear just fine. I use mine on the inside of the HS Flatpack and Sack to keep it organized. Fits gauze, bandages, wraps, battery packs, multi-tools, strobes and other gear securely. Pistol mags will work, they're just harder to reinsert in a hurry. I now own two of these, as well as two of the 4 Loop Inserts. Very versatile and convenient. It's worth has several spares pre-configured to do 'hot swaps' as needed.

Written by Ryan on Jul 6th 2018

Simple and very useful, fits the SACK pouch perfectly.