MOLLE TUBES™ Cummerbund

Height 12.00
Width 5.00
Depth 1.00
Maximum purchase 2
Size Required
Color None Selected Required




 *** The LV/119 MOLLE TUBES™ Cummerbund requires a Front and Rear Bag for proper operation. ***


The TUBES™ MOLLE Cummerbund was designed to be a lightweight and simple load carriage solution for the LV/119 series of vests. 

Using the widely adopted MOLLE system, the cummerbund offers almost infinite configurations for mission needs by utilizing any MOLLE accessory that can be found on the market. 

The cummerbund has MOLLE webbing on both sides, so that you can utilize either side to attach equipment or armor. 

The TUBES™ MOLLE Cummerbund is a great option for those who are in and out of their vest frequently and have experienced wear and tear on their Velcro attachment vests. It is also a great option for those who are wearing their equipment in and around water. 

The TUBES™ MOLLE Cummerbund features the proprietary TUBES™ Attachments systems developed by and officially licensed from First Spear.

The TUBES™ MOLLE Cummerbund is Berry Amendment Compliant materials sourced from industry leaders in textiles manufacturing. 


Attachment. The LV Series of vests hosts an attachment system like no other. This system allows for maximum adjustment and stability. This cummerbund will NOT sag when it is fully loaded unlike velcro-attached cummerbunds. 

The Cummerbund come with all parts and pieces necessary to attach to an Overt carrier. It includes the cummerbund, the TUBE integrator for the vest as well as the shockcord required to attach the cummerbund to the rear plate bag.  



The cummerbund comes in two sizes: Size 1 and Size 2, each offering up to 14 inches of total adjustment. This allows for a proper fitment for all body types. 

To figure our appropriate sizing, take measurement of the waist at the belly button. When measuring, users should dress as they would while actually wearing the carrier. For example, if the user is operating in arctic environments, they should be wearing cold weather equipment when measuring. 

Size 1: 28" to 42" 

Size 2: 40" to 54"




If your waist measurement is 42", we suggest going up to the Size 2 cummerbund. 

 Click here for the cummerbund installation quick start guide. 



NOTE: The LV119 Cummerbund is part of the LV119 Plate Carrier System. This item does not include a Front Plate Bag, Rear Plate Bag, Shoulder Covers, Placards, or any other accessories. Additional components are required for proper use.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.


If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact

Product Reviews

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Written by Lou on Oct 15th 2020

Great product, quality stitching, excellent construction. I’m running this cummerbund on a Velocity Systems Scarab LT. The first-spear tubes are really what sold this product for me, they’re so much better than Velcro. Size 2 on me is loose (6’0” 180Lbs) unless you use the overlapping weave method as shown in the installation guide to get a solid fit.

Size up
Written by Taylor Scharf on Sep 18th 2020

6'5", waist 36. Maxed out size 1 wearing a t shirt with side plates and could hardly breathe. If you find coach seating roomy, you'll be fine, otherwise, get size 2. 5 stars for attachment engineering and quality.

Great stuff
Written by John on Jul 3rd 2020

Just watch the sizing 6’2 195 and a size one at the max adjustments for layered clothes If your running thicker than ESAPI plates your gonna need a size 2.

An excellent cummerbund
Written by Marv on May 9th 2020

So I must preface this by saying I am not using this on an lv119. I purchased this cummerbund along with some axl adapters and it is one of the best skeletal cummerbunds I have used. It feels comfortable and at the same time maintains plenty of rigidity. Of course, the lack of velcro is what makes this especially awesome. I must also mention the way the female tubes are attached to the cummerbund makes it so you get a but more molle real estate right next to the tube. As usual the Spiritus quality shows and the stitching and construction are great. If you need a tubes cummerbund for your lv119 buy this; if you need a tubes cummerbund for your non Spiritus plate carrier, same answer, buy this.

LV-119 Tubes
Written by Garrett on Apr 19th 2020

Very easy to take on and off and quieter than hook and loop. The rigidity makes this cummerbund much more useful for mounting pouches. Top notch!

Written by Dan Colasanto on Apr 17th 2020

I am a big fan of the tubes and they make putting on and taking off the carrier easy. I went with the Size 2 so I could have more adjustment for when I wear more layers. Installation was easier than I thought it would be. The website picture was invaluable.

Sizing is off but I like the design
Written by Sebastian Georgallides on Apr 9th 2020

All the good things people said are true, i just wanted to add im a 34' waist and got the size one, Im on the very last hole and it barely fits with plates in. They say you should weave it through 2 loops but i cant make it work like that and also breath, just for reference im 43' around at my bottom ribs. If you have a big chest go Size 2 for sure

Excellent product
Written by Ryan Moore on Mar 26th 2020

As with all things Spiritus, the quality is unmatched, if the size 1 is out of stock, a size 2 will most likely work if you do the overlapping weave, I went with that option and have zero regrets. This is a very low profile option and the tubes make getting in and out of the kit a breeze. I highly recommend this cummerbund for any duty setup.

Great product
Written by Michael Medina on Feb 29th 2020

Like others here I was back and forth about molle with tubes or just elastic cummerbund. I like how easy it is to keep kit together it’s definitely quiet and easy to put on and off. I don’t plan to mount anything to the molle and would like a little more flexibility in the sizing based on what clothes I am wearing layer wise. If the elastic cummerbund was offered with tubes this would be awesome but for now no complaints everything fits great. I like to have my rig set pretty snug so a little more room or flexibility would be awesome.

Tubes VS Elastic
Written by Peter S. on Dec 2nd 2019

I fought myself for a few minutes as to if I wanted the TUBES, or if I just wanted to not waste any more time or money on pouches, and just get the advanced friends convinced me to go TUBES, and holy crap am I glad I did. Assembly was easy, and they are on and off in seconds. No noise, easy attachment of side armor panels and any other MOLLE/MALICE attachment you want. Well worth the extra cash, and effort

For the quick release cummerbund
Written by Wan Jun khang on Sep 26th 2019

It’s very convenient and It works on my JPC just fine

Tubular Skeletonized Cummerbund
Written by Pawleeee on Sep 25th 2019

It’s pretty cut and dry here boys. FirstSpear Tube Kit fitted on a skeletonized cummerbund. Works as described. I have mine mounted on a Ferro Concepts Slickster. I have oringinally used the molle back panel as the mounting solution but I’m since upgraded to a larger 5x8 Velcro panel that I have punched holes into and used a geometric kit to reinforce. It worked like a charm. The possibilities are endless here. Pro: Durable, Lightweight Cons: Proprietary mounting design is flimsy on other platforms since it’s not designed for them. A Velcro panel adapter would be magnificent.

Written by Chris Fuller on Sep 4th 2019

Tubes are amazing. Not a fan of skeletal style cummerbunds, but this is the best one I have used.

Solid Product
Written by Hayden on Sep 2nd 2019

Really well made cummerbund, the only thing that was a pain was installing the male end of the first spear tubes to the front plate bag, But once on it ain’t going anywhere. Overall really solid and would highly recommend.