LV-119 Rear Overt Plate Bag

Height 12.00
Width 9.00
Depth 1.00
Maximum purchase 2
Color None Selected Required
Size Required

NOTE: The LV/119 O V E R T Rear Plate Bag requires a Front Bag and Cummerbund for proper operation.




The LV/119 SYSTEM is a family of products that work together to give end-users the ability to scale their equipment to their current needs. The fact that this is a cohesive system means that end-users are able to mix and match accessories in most cases. For example: One could take a C O V E R T Front or Rear Plate bag and use it with an O V E R T Front and Rear Plate Bag. Users may cross pollinate cummerbunds, shoulder covers, and other parts that will be available. The SYSTEM encompasses many parts, some of which are currently available and some that are in development. These include Back Panels of various types, MOLLE cummerbunds, First Spear Tubes™ integrations, and different placards.


The LV/119 O V E R T Rear Plate bag was built for those who need a scalable vest to wear in a multitude of environments ranging from Low Visibility to Direct Action. The O V E R T shares the same profile as the C O V E R T plate bags, while possessing additional features that make it more suitable for high profile operations. The rear plate bag features full integration of our Recovery Handle™. The rear bag also features minimal MOLLE webbing and Zippers for future integrations with our Zip-on panels that will be available later this year.


Recovery Handle™ Integration.

Full integration of our Recovery Handle™. 

NOTE: the Recovery Handle™ is NOT included with this product. 


Back Panel Support.

The rear bag also features minimal MOLLE webbing and Zippers for integrations with our Zip-on panels. Note: The back panel integration is proprietary and will not support other brands of back panels. 


Communications Cable Routing.

The Modern Warfighter and Law Enforcement Officer has a radio. To date, the majority of manufacturers have not taken end-user communications needs in to their design considerations - we endeavor to break that paradigm. The O V E R T offers open shoulders to facilitate commo cable routing inside the plate bags and over the shoulders. Cables may also be routed through the cummerbund access.


Cummerbund Attachment.

The cummerbund attachment is a proprietary system that allows for the use of all of our cummerbunds as well as allowing for a wide range of adjustment. The cummerbund attaches inside the plate bag, which is advantageous for a few reasons.

1. There is no external mounting that can get snagged or rip off when exiting vehicles in haste.

2. The design creates a smooth profile when worn underneath clothing.

3. Velcro is not utilized as an attachment to the rear plate bag. Velcro wears out over time and is a generally less-than-optimal attachment method when not supported in other ways. Velcro doesn't handle weight well and it sticks to everything, especially cloth seats.

4. Every front plate bag comes standard with sewn loops on the sides for attaching First Spear TUBES™ for use with our tubes cummerbund.


Plate Fitment.

The carrier was designed to fit United States Standard Issue SAPI cut plates, but it will fit other cuts as well as long as they fit within the specifications listed below. The bags were built to accommodate "thicker" plates, but they will not fit plates do not fall within the measurements listed. 

Medium -10" x 12.5" 

Large - 10.25" x 13.25" 

Extra Large- 11" x 14.00"

Thickness - MAXIMUM of 1.20" 


Click here for the cummerbund installation quick start guide. 



NOTE: The LV119 Rear Plate Bag is part of the LV119 Plate Carrier System. This item does not include a Front Plate Bag, Cummerbund, Shoulder Covers, Placards, or any other accessories. Additional components are required for proper use.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact

Product Reviews

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The spirit in spiritus
Written by Hunter Albrecht on Jun 25th 2021

You can’t beat the price, you can’t beat the quality and you can’t find the beyond and above customer service. Spiritus can count me in as a loyal customer. The company is producing conventional and versatile equipment and i can only imagine what the future holds for the company. Thank you spiritus systems

Best gear and customer service
Written by Nathaniel Nelson on Nov 3rd 2020

Just purchased my second complete rig and this is definitely some of the best quality gear on the market. Always well thought out designs, extremely durable and comfortable. This most order I made was somewhat of a large one, had a small hiccup with the order but customer service was extremely fast. They fixed everything, hooked it up with some extra and the time it took to get to me wasn't even delayed much at all. Honestly, Spiritus is one of my favorite companies and they will always have my business!

Best Plate Carrier I’ve Owned
Written by Patrick H on Nov 2nd 2020

In order to wear this for work I needed to size up to the XL, in order to fit my issued plates. I’ve only worn this set up for a week (I’ve worn my personal LV119 for numerous courses), and I can already tell it’s far superior to my issues carrier. It’s lighter weight, not at all bulky, and strips down everything you don’t need. Even with a fully loaded micro fight, side armor, dangler pouch, and back panel I no longer get hot spots or a sore back, even when wearing it all night for a barricaded suspect or *ahem* civil unrest.

LV-119 amazing
Written by Jango Fett on Jul 17th 2020

This is my third plate carrier started out with Condor then a 5.11 PC. But the LV-119 is light years ahead of the curve. The fit and quality is amazing . I’m currently running my carrier with their Molle Velcro cummerbund and their side armor bags. My second carrier that I’m waiting to order once in stock will feature their Elastic Velcro cummerbund this will be my more high speed carrier. Allowing me to run my comms on the side. I also am waiting to order their Micro Flight expander wings for my current LV-119 to allow my to run PRC -152 conm’s. As with the side plate bags there isn’t a spot or space to attach your radio pouch to. There are a lot of companies making good Plate carriers and the quick support from the folks at Spiritus Systems put them in the lead over Crye and was one of the many reason for My purchase.

LV-119 Rear Overt Plate Bag
Written by Stone White on Jun 18th 2020

This product is amazing. It fits me perfectly and feels great. It is very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and seems to have the durability to continually do so.

OVERT Rear Bag
Written by Outstanding on May 7th 2020

Amazing material, fits plates perfectly, looks great. Comfortable, yet rugged. Can’t wait to receive the remaining pieces for attaching placards!

Rear plate bag
Written by Jake on Apr 18th 2020

Really nice bag. Big fan on the way the cummerbund attaches, offers a lot of variation for different sizing. Looking forward to the back panels!

Written by Dan Colasanto on Apr 17th 2020

I was initially torn between the Overt and the Covert, but I am happy I went with the overt. It is low profile and a perfect match with the Overt front that I also purchased. Looking forward to the back panel to come out. Carrier is very comfortable and well made.

Overt Rear
Written by j on Apr 16th 2020

Very High Quality, Low Profile, Comfortable, Light Weight...pretty much perfect

Great product
Written by Michael Medina on Feb 29th 2020

Love the ability to expand this set up, I can’t wait to see what add ons will be available.

Written by Mike Podolec on Feb 11th 2020

The overt system has proven to me that it is a top of the line plate carrier and critical event response system. I have utilized the overt carrier system for a few critical incidents so far and I have been happy to have such a versatile and comfortable system.

Lv119 is good for some
Written by Michael Girts on Aug 23rd 2019

I like the Overt back panel, it's high quality and they put a lot of good thought into the design for sure. Getting the right height is very easy. Velcro and molly are where you need them. I've read that people have a hard time attaching the cummerbund, but I had no issue. Very easy and intuitive.

Great product
Written by Ryan Moore on Jul 7th 2019

Super comfortable, incredibly lightweight, but still high quality, this will always be my go to plate carrier.

Overt Rear Bag
Written by Mo G. on Mar 28th 2019