LV-119 Rear Covert Plate Bag

Height 12.00
Width 9.00
Depth 1.00
Maximum purchase 2
Color None Selected Required
Size Required

NOTE: The LV/119 C O V E R T Rear Plate Bag requires a Front Bag and Cummerbund for proper operation.


 The LV/119 SYSTEM


The LV/119 C O V E R T Rear Plate bag is a slick no frills solution for those who need to wear hard plates in the lowest profile possible. A 3" tall velcro loop panel is sewn at chest height for IR identifiers, patches or even our jumbo flags. The cummerbund attachment is a proprietary system that allows for the use of all of our cummerbunds as well as allowing for a wide range of adjustment. The cummerbund attaches inside the plate bag, which is advantageous for two reasons: 1. It doesn't have external mounting that can get snagged or rip off when exiting vehicles in haste. 2. It creates a smooth profile when wearing underneath clothing. 

The LV/119 Plate Carrier System was designed to be a scalable and highly configurable plate carrier platform. The system will offer accessories ranging from Covert Low Visibility Operations, to High Threat Direct Action Raids. We designed the system to be issued in entirety to operators who can then select the desired configuration to meet their mission requirements. All parts and accessories will be interchangeable throughout the series. 


Plate Fitment

The carrier was designed to fit United States Standard Issue SAPI cut plates, but it will fit other cuts as well as long as they fit within the specifications listed below. The bags were built to accommodate "thicker" plates, but they will not fit plates do not fall within the measurements listed. 

Medium-10" x 12.5" 

Large- 10.25" x 13.25" 

Extra Large- 11" x 14.00"

Thickness- MAXIMUM of 1.20" 


Click Here for the cummerbund installation quick start guide. 


NOTE: The LV119 Rear Plate Bag is part of the LV119 Plate Carrier System. This item does not include a Front Plate Bag, Cummerbund, Shoulder Covers, Placards, or any other accessories. Additional components are required for proper use.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact

Product Reviews

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Best Customer Service
Written by Jeffrey Phan on Apr 8th 2021

Product is on it's way, but I have to say the customer service is beyond reproach. Best I've seen in nearly two decades, and that's not just online services. With the golden rule as the foundation to the care and service, I will able to meet my objective in time. Personable and communicative skills sealed the deal. These are my go to company for these qualities alone. Looking forward to putting the product to use, which I'm sure will reflect their service. Thanks a ton!

Written by Robert Alford on Feb 6th 2021

The overall design, stitching, and attention to detail in this product is outstanding. I already owned a nice carrier, but this is one seriously comfortable and well thought out piece of gear, including the elastic cumberbund which is a thing of beauty. Fastest shipping I've ever seen.

Covert rear
Written by Lp on Nov 3rd 2020

Excellent design. Very comfortable.

Best carrier I have
Written by Taylor on Nov 3rd 2020

These are by far the best plates bags I have purchased. The quality and fit are phenomenal and I couldn’t be happier. Will be buying more as they are available.

Spiritus lvl119 plate bag
Written by Mathew Winslow on Oct 23rd 2020

Worth the wait and price it’s the most comfortable and customizable plate carrier I’ve ever owned the quality is amazing and I’m glad I waited and didn’t buy something else

Worth the wait
Written by John Paine on Oct 13th 2020

There's a reason these are rarely in stock: they're outstanding pieces of kit. Minimalist, super durable, and very comfortable. Wore mine during a three hour trek through the mountains in the rain and often forgot I was wearing it.

Covert Rear Plate Bag
Written by BEE on Sep 28th 2020

The Covert rear plate bag is what you need if you want a simple & light PC and if you don't plan on running a back panel.

Rear Bag Covert
Written by Tyler on Sep 15th 2020

Awesome quality and it’s very comfortable. I use this plate bag along with the front as a running / tactical vest. Very low profile and it’s a must have

Rear bag
Written by Chris on Sep 9th 2020

Awesome quality I’m just waitin on the medium RG front bag and Micro fight to complete the set.

LV-119 Covert
Written by Jessie Loague on Jul 2nd 2020

LV-119 covert has become one of my favorite carriers. Slick, light weight, and comfortable.

Rear plate bag
Written by Tyler Pritchard on Jun 22nd 2020

Still waiting for front plate bag and cummerbund to come in everybody else, but the rear plate bag seems to be quality, maybe one day I can have a complete carrier and be cool like flannel daddy and fast shooty man Lucas.

Carrier Review
Written by H on Jun 22nd 2020

I have one for soft armor panels and one for plates. With soft panels, this thing really shines, hard armor, make sure you have backers, think JPC without the annoying fraying at the shoulders. I wear the soft panels for 8-12 hour shifts. Doesn’t smell too bad, not too hot. With soft panels, just like any other concealment carrier. Side

Its some pretty good sh*t
Written by Alex on May 22nd 2020

Excellent carrier

Gucci AF
Written by Adam M on May 21st 2020

Love the color, love the sewing, comes with clips. Nuff said.

Rear covert bag
Written by Max on May 20th 2020

Very nice fit, easy to set up, quality made

Plate carrier
Written by Joshua on May 19th 2020

Great product

Best bag in the biz
Written by Neil on Mar 25th 2020

I love the hook and loop options, combined with the threaded cummerbund idea going on here. I love this plate carrier. It’s simple, lightweight, and it just works. I don’t feel like I’ve got a bunch of unnecessary bulk or stuff to get caught on things. Workmanship is solid (I own two of these now), company is great to work with. Skip the seemingly cheaper stuff, invest in gear that will last and be much more comfortable.

Written by John on Jan 17th 2020

This plate carrier fits comfortable, and hugs your body. Elastic Cumberband makes it hardly noticeable. It’s low profile and gives tons of range of movement

Cant get much better
Written by Just another dumbass civilian! on Dec 18th 2019

In a world of QD this molle that, Spiritus Systems has knocked this PC out of the park with simplicity and function. As a civilian I dont need a bunch of fancy buckles and molle over every inch of space. That being said it's clear that this rig is a favorite of warfighters as well. Super durable nylon paired with carefull stitching in all the right places. I'm also a fan of the way they sell their products individually. I get all I need and nothing I dont. Lastly, combined with the right plates this is THE most comfortable PC I've ever worn. So even if you dont kick doors and shoot people in the face for a living I feel this product is worth every penny even for your every day dumb ass civilian. Leave your condor MOPC at SOOTCH00's house and get some SPIRIT IN YOUR SYSTEM!

Great Set-Up
Written by Chaz C on Dec 18th 2019

Plate carrier is well thought-out. Minimal, yet effective. I like how it comes slick so you can build it out for whatever you need. Cummerbund attachment system in the back is very secure! I've showed it off, now all my friends want to ditch their current carrier for this one!

Lv119 Covert w/ 5" cummerbund
Written by Jacob on Nov 10th 2019

I cannot hope to elaborate on the versatile and user friendly experience I've had thus far. As a civilian I never had much experience with plate carriers or armor in general. I was able to assemble and adjust the entire LV119 system in minutes. With a variety of upgrades and accessories available you can literally tailor this carrier for any need. I recommend spiritus to literally everyone like some kind of religious zealot street preacher.

Covert Rear Plate Bag
Written by anthony m lowery on Sep 30th 2019

The Covert plate bag does its job. The material quality is great. The cummerbund system is great, the flexibility just makes sense. It can be a pain to mess with it, I used some electrical tape to keep the cording closed (Thinking ahead). I would like to see if I could run an Overt bag in place of this one.

Written by Carl on Oct 13th 2018

I found this plate carrier to be better than I expected. I was looking for a small, sleek carrier to wear in low viz or when wearing my ghillie. This thing meets and exceeds what I wanted. The fit is perfect. Issued medium plates fit in with no problem. The cummerbund is adjustable and keeps the plate bags in position without feeling like I'm being suffocated. I honestly can't say enough good things about this whole set up. Absolutely superb.

LV 119 front and rear plate bag.
Written by Quentin Delsarte on Jul 10th 2018

I recently ordered a LV119 plate carrier in medium size, and when it arrived To me, I was like a kid on Xmas. The plate carrier itself is Perfect To me, good design, good concept, minimalist. The micro rig system fits perfectly on it. My only concern is about the size. I m using a standard medium plate, in use in my country armed forces. It s a standard SAPI size medium, as well as my soft Armor. I struggled To fit my front plate, but i won... after a long fight. But for the rear plate bag, i only managed To insert the soft Armor, because it doesnt fit both, my plate and my soft Armor. So for now, I use it for fitness and training purpose... Anyway, that PC could be a really good and convenient product... But maybe if you planned To purchase one, take it in large. Even if you carry medium plates.