Side Armor Bags

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The LV/ Side Armor Bags are modular in design and allow for the use of hard armor plates, soft armor inserts (with the addition of one of our Side Armor Bag Caps™), or both hard and soft armor at the same time. 


The bags were built with an offset MOLLE configuration, which allows the user to wear the plates as far forward on the cummerbund as possible. Wearing your side armor as far forward allows for side plate to front plate contact, and closes a small gap in protection left over by traditional side armor systems currently on the market. Side Armor Bags are compatible with MOLLE cummerbunds and will not work with elastic cummerbunds. 


Plate Fitment: The LV/ Side Armor Bags are built with stretch materials to accommodate 6 x 6 inch hard armor plates up to 1 inch thick in a stand alone configuration. The use of soft armor inserts require the addition of our Side Armor Bag Caps™ which can then accommodate 5" x 7"  to 5"x 14"  rectangular soft armor inserts. 




Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact

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Best Side Sappy bags on the Market
Written by Malcolm Brown on Oct 29th 2020

Honestly, having the offset molle webbing is extremely innovative and gives me the protection I was looking for without having small portions of ribs exposed. 10/10 would bang again.

Side Plate Bags
Written by Mike on Apr 30th 2020

God took a rib to make woman. Spiritus made bags to hold beskar and cover your sides when you have a complicated profession.

Side Armor Pouch
Written by Danny on Sep 14th 2019

Great fit and comfortable. And no external hook Velcro on the outside to rub the inside of your arm, like the Crye's do.