Nalgene Water Bottle Pouch

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The Nalgene Water Bottle Pouch

Nalgene Bottles have proliferated throughout the entire force because of their low cost and robustness. 

Unfortunately there are not a lot of secure options out there on the market. The pouch was designed to be lightweight, form fitting and completely secure. 

A pull tab at the front of the pouch assists with replacing and removing the bottle while eyelet holes on backside of the securing strap provide tie down points for your bottle. 

This pouch is designed to be mounted to MOLLE and consumes 2 Columns. 


Dimensions (Approximate) Height 8" x Width 3 1/4" x Depth 3 3/4"


Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.


If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact

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Nalgene Bottle Holder
Written by Brian C on Apr 3rd 2021

Another solid product from Spiritus. I run one on my Mystery Ranch bag and it’s been a helpful way to keep my water secured. Would highly recommend!

Nalgene Pouch
Written by Kendall Skinner on Mar 18th 2021

An amazing product with cross-over appeal from a very niche company. As just a civilian who really enjoys hiking, this pouch allows you to attach a nalgene to pretty much any pack with MOLLE on it, giving you that much more range wherever you choose to roam.