Micro United States Flag Patch (Set of 2)

Height 1.00
Width 2.00

These full color, high quality embroidered MICRO SIZE United States Flags have Velcro backing and measure 1" x 2"

These are great for low visibility identification or use it as a leave behind for rescue forces in a SERE situation. 

Fits perfectly on our SENKO Belt loop field. 



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Micro United States Flag Patch (Set of 2)
Written by offgrid on Aug 14th 2021

These Micro Patches of the United States Flag are great in every way.

It’s a Flag
Written by Kozak on Nov 10th 2020

It’s very cute and aesthetic. Fun to put on fuzzy Velcro things.

Written by Ryan on Sep 16th 2020

10/10 look great. Fits everywhere! Going to have to get some with every purchase!

Written by Adriel Reyes on May 11th 2020

Tiny American Flag patches , why hasn’t nobody thought of that . Pretty badass 10/10 would buy again.

Excellent product and packaging
Written by Marlon on Jan 6th 2020

Perfect size for my walker earmuffs and it came with 2 pieces, the other i stuck on my bag. The thing i liked 2nd to the micro flags was the envelope it arrived in. What a presentation, seriously. Very simple logo on the front and on the fold was a wax seal also with the logo. Shipping was quite fast too, 5 days to Guam even through the holidays. Thanks Spiritus Systems!

So tiny yet so clean.
Written by Nazzgrul on Dec 15th 2019

This is how American flags are born, for the uninitiated. So adorable. Put one on your SENKO belt, the other one in your heart.

Definitely Micro
Written by JD on Aug 24th 2018

It is definitely micro, looks great on the Senko Belt