Jumbo United States Flag Patch

Height 3.00
Width 5.00

These full color, high quality embroidered JUMBO SIZE United States Flags have Velcro backing and measure 3x5 inches.

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My American flag patch
Written by Kaleho on Jul 11th 2020

It's great. Every time I wear it a bald eagle soars over head watching over me as I spread freedom every where I go. Every good American needs an American flag patch and this one let's everyone know just how American you are.

Jumbo United States Flag Patch
Written by Manuel Almeida on Jun 30th 2020

Well made patch! USA!

Jumbo Flag
Written by Christopher Fernandez on May 29th 2020

Unapologetically American

Great Flag
Written by Julian on Mar 24th 2020

High quality flag, colors are vibrant and looks like it'll hold up great to all kinds of wear.

big ass flag
Written by Chris on Feb 18th 2020

A big ass flag patch. Nailed it.

Written by Tyler on Mar 11th 2019

It's a flag. American quality. •Crisp colors. •Solid embroidery. •Strong Velcro Don't be a Commie just get it.

Typical Spiritus
Written by Trent Bias on Feb 15th 2019

Just a good ole’ fashioned, big-ass American flag. Perfect for displaying your patriotism on the front of your kit (or back if you’re into that). Usual Spiritus Systems quality. Perfect stitching like the rest of their gear! You’re not going to find a better one for 10$.

Written by Beepus on Dec 2nd 2018

High grade materials put into making this patch. I bought one for myself and a close friend to make sure everyone knows we are on the winning team. Comes with the soft side too if you have to customize a location for it. My PC didn't have soft loop big enough to handle freedom of this level.