Flag Bungee

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The Flag Bungee is a simple yet effective tool for carrying Old Glory with you on all your operations. Currently, users are attaching their flags using retention bands or some other improvised means to secure their flags to their armor. This works, but is prone to failure and is unreliable. Something as important as your country's flag deserves a much more secure means of attachment. The Flag Bungee ensures your flag is kept neatly rolled and tight to your armor carrier. 

 This kit includes three sewn double loops, a Cord Lock, and a length of adjustable shock cord. Installation is simple: weave the shock cord through your MOLLE and the provided webbing loops, insert your flag, and tighten it down using the provided cord lock, stowing any additional length under the flag.


Available with optional 5' x 3' Nylon Embroidered American made US Flag.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

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Flag Bungee
Written by Arron on Mar 15th 2019

Just absolutely amazing to have our nations colors on the back of my plate carrier. So much better having the bungee instead of wrapping 550 cord to secure it.

Flag Bungee
Written by TJ on Mar 13th 2019

Outstanding product. Bungee is very stiff and strong showing the quality and resistance to harsh environment settings. Already have recommended this product to multiple friends and will continue.

Great Product
Written by German Gonzalez on Dec 1st 2016

When I first opened up the package I thought well this is gonna be difficult to figure out. But it actually wasn't difficult at all, had it weaved to my plate carrier in minutes. Holds my flag well in place nice and snug. Also got the flag from these guys.