Micro Fight Rifle Magazine Insert

Height 4.00
Width 9.00
Caliber Required

WARNING: This insert is ONLY compatible with the Micro Fight MK4 and MK3 Chassis. It is not compatible with the MK2 or MK1 Chassis, nor plate carrier kangaroo pouches. 


The Magazine Insert is a custom solution to a common problem. Instead of using pull tabs, Velcro/snap flaps. or a hard kydex insert.

Using elastic is very quiet when removing or adding magazines, giving you quick and easy access to your magazines while providing excellent retention. The insert is retained by hard loop sewn to both sides, allowing it to fit in the front and rear pockets of the Micro Fight Chassis.

This is a critical piece of the Micro Fight Chest Rig System. Stack one inside each pocket  on the Micro Fight Chest Rig to hold a total of 6 5.56 Magazines or 4 7.62 Magazines. 

Available in Jet Black Only


Available in:

5.56 x .45 - 3 magazines, single stack

7.62 x .51 - 2 magazines, single stack

7.62 x .51 (HK) 2 magazines, single stack


NOTE: The MAGAZINE INSERT is a required product for the Micro Fight Chest Rig System.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

Product Reviews

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Does what it's supposed to
Written by Jack on Nov 26th 2018

Very good retention, I use it almost every day at work and it is still going strong. I like using USGI mags because the M3 PMAG nub can get hung up sometimes, but it is no big deal. Great product and a must have for the Micro Fight.

Top Notch
Written by Darrell E Thompson on Aug 9th 2018

What can i say it works as designed. I've tried Lanser, Magpul and USGI Mags and they all fit without a hitch in the pouch. Another winner.

Good magazine insert
Written by Evan on Jul 2nd 2018

I’m giving it 5 stars since it does everything that was intended perfectly, which is retain your magazines in a compact, collapsible package. I personally prefer to reindex magazines, which is doable on this, however the pouches are not inherently designed for fast reindexing (I believe Spiritus FAQ said they are not purposed for reindexing). Still great.

Written by Groot on May 25th 2018

It does what it says it does, and a bit more. While not designed for AK mags, they'll fit the 5.56mm version. The issue lies in the extra curve in the AK mag, as they sit pretty close and knock together. The locking tab also tends to catch a bit on the bottom of the retention sleeve. In short, it works in a pinch even though its not intended to. All in all, another fantastic product.

Fits like a glove
Written by Bobby Lee swagger on May 7th 2018

Perfect for 30s and 40 rounders

Need more usage tests but a great idea.
Written by Tony on Apr 23rd 2018

A great idea for mag retention. Quiet mag insertion and release. Stiff enough to retain mags. Will need to try it in more rugged conditions to test mag retention and overall product durability.

Tight and Smooth
Written by Brandt on Feb 17th 2018

Very tight and allows great retention of the magazines: GI aluminum, P-mag (both gene and 3) and worked well with the 40rnd P-mags. Easy to install, quick to use. 5/5..... Side note: I Wouldn't recommend leaving exposed if jumping from Helo/Birds, but from the running and Jumping I have done with loaded mags inserted, I couldn't get them to slip or move unless I wanted them to. GREAT RETENTION!

Mag inserts for MK3
Written by Garrett S on Jan 23rd 2018

Perfect fit for the Micro Fight Chassis MK3, it allows your mags to be inserted into the chassis while giving them excellent retention. They are easy to put in and get out and don't move or become loose when running or using this rig for its intended use.

Written by Vinny Fulgieri on Jan 20th 2018

paired with the MK3 rig these are awesome. the retention on these are awesome. they hold on to the magazine like nobodies business but when its time to take one out, youll have no issues. installation is relatively simple also

Superb Quality!
Written by Mike M. on Aug 28th 2017

Absolutely well made, does exactly what it's supposed to. Fits any AR mags snugly, regardless of manufacturer. Fabric is very thick and appears durable. Stitching is well done and sturdy.