Cat Eye PVC Patch

Height 1.00
Width 1.00

It Glows in the dark. It is Illuminati. 

This product is sourced and manufactured in the United States of America.

*NOTE: Order includes ONE ASE glow patch. 



Product Reviews

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Pretty cool
Written by Alejandro on Aug 26th 2021

It’s pretty cool just much smaller than I expected but still dope

All seeing eye patch
Written by Joshua Madden on Dec 4th 2020

This patch helped me to see where I had been in my past even before I was born. Then guided me towards a future of un imaginable wealth and fortune! Do not seek the treasure unless you have this patch...

Cat eye patch
Written by Trent Newcombe on Oct 15th 2020

Been wanting one of these for quite some time, thought I’d have to buy it second hand and pay too much. Spiritus came through with this restock! As always, quality material and great service. Thanks guys!

Cat Eye PVC Patch
Written by Aaron on Jun 10th 2020

Everyone knows nothing matters if you don’t look cool. This patch has that factor along with being high quality as expected from spiritus systems. Good shit.

Written by Adriel Reyes on May 11th 2020

It glows in the dark shits badass

Cat eye
Written by Jason on Jun 25th 2019

Cool patch. Came in a cool waxed sealed envelope, very classy.

All Seeing
Written by Dan on May 23rd 2019

It glows well for a while, it's got your back.

Glowing Eye
Written by GarrettS on Sep 10th 2018

Awesome patch, purchased 2 of them one for my helmet and one for my Senko belt. They glow forever with only a little bit of light. So even without NV or IR tape you can identify your friends or foe. Plus it just looks freaking awesome!

Great little patches
Written by Kyle on Oct 23rd 2016

Not much else to say can't wait to do some night training with these on my hat.