The Thing 2

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The THING 2 


The THING 2 answers the call for end users who need to carry more. Expanding on the incredible modularity of the Micro Fight Chest Rig, The THING 2 allows for the rapid expansion to cover longer duration mission profiles. 

Using a 500d/1000d Fused laminate married to a Woven Polypropylene Laminate Sheeting we have created a lightweight, hydrophobic and efficient design. 

Rigid design for load bearing excellence. 

Each side of The Thing 2 has a Rigid 3 Column MOLLE filed for attaching pouches of your choice. 

On the back side of each MOLLE field there are built in radio/magazine pouches. 

Buckles are secured to THE THING 2 with eyelets which allow for full articulation of the buckles.

A Velcro field and retaining loops make attaching your Placard or your Micro Fight Chest Rig simple and fast. This allows for hot swapping of your primary load out from a chest rig, to your plate carrier. 

The retaining loops also serve as tie down points for mission critical equipment. 

The rear of The Thing 2 has a VELCRO lined slot for accepting sub load pouches such as the SACK or Lunchbox. 


Because you cover the entire thing up with Chest Rigs, Placards and Pouches, we will ONLY BE RELEASING THE THING 2 IN COYOTE BROWN AND BLACK!!!!


Capable of accepting most placard style systems on the market. 


Velcro attachment Dimensions 9 1/2 " x 5" 


Dimensions (Approximate) Height 6" x Width 19" x Depth 2"


Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.


If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact


CLICK HERE to view the Thing 2 Operator Guide


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The (super awesome) Thing
Written by Garo on Feb 26th 2021

I love this Thing! It's light, easy to work with, and comfy. I own an airlite chest rig, which is similar, but you cant easily mount a placard or even an abdominal pouch like the SS Sack. Fear not, The Thing PROVIDES. There is plenty of velcro space for a placard like the microfight or elastic ar placard as well as a slop for an abdominal pouch like the Sack. The integrated pouches on each side can fit rifle mags as well as radios or even a small IFAK bag, maybe a folded up map.. some snacks.. like a chocolate bar or taffy or one of those big chunky phones that let you snap pictures of that giant moon hologram that's projected at night ;) The main body is built out of some strong material similar to the polymer in the Ferro Concepts Bison belt or the Crye Avs 1000 pack frames, basically it's pretty neat stuff that seems quite durable and maintains rigidity while being flexible. The attachment points for a harness can turn to conform to your body, a very neat feature. I recommend the fat (H style) harness by SS, it's very comfy in that configuration.