TAPS Upgrade Kit MK2

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Maximum Purchase:
10 units


The Spiritus Systems TAPS Upgrade Kit is a comprehensive solution for retrofitting an issued Tactical Assault Panel to increase its functionally, ergonomics, and adaptability. The kit comes with the following components:

1. MOLLE SACK Pouch: The MOLLE SACK Pouch features the same pouch form factor as the standard SACK Pouch and can be used to store and IFAK or other equipment the user might need to keep centerline on the body. THE MOLLE mounting wings can be rotated to pass through the bottom row of the MOLLE webbing and then rotated back to lock in the pouch. Other MOLLE items can be mounted over the SACK’s mounting tabs.

2. Fat Strap Mk4: The Fat Strap Mk4 replaces the standard TAP Y harness and improves fit when used in conjunction with ruck sacks or other load bearing equipment. The flat back connector panel on the Fat Strap Mk4 will not interfere with other straps, and will connect with the included MOLLE-mounted Fastex buckles.

3. Back Strap: The Back Strap replaces the integrated bottom waist strap in the standard TAP Y harness and provides a more secure fit when wearing the Tactical Assault Panel. This second anchor point will keep heavy items like radios tight against the body and reduce equipment slop.

 4. Bungee Retention Kit: The Bungee Retention kit replaces the standard hook & loop magazine flaps. Spiritus Systems Bungee Retention Tabs are quieter, and replace the standard magazine retention system which is prone to hook and loop degradation.

 5. Radio Bungee Retention Kit: The TAPS Upgrade Kit comes with four radio bungee retention tabs that can mount to the outer four pockets of the Tactical Assault Panel. The included hook & loop tabs feature barrel locks to adjust the shock cord tension on radios and other equipment.

 6. Female Fastex Buckles: The four included split-back female Fastex buckles are mounted onto the outer loops of the MOLLE panel to provide secure clip-in points for the Fat Strap and Back Strap.

7. Posi-Lock zipper pull loop: The zipper pull loop replaces the oversized zipper tab on the inside admin pocket panel.

NOTE: This Upgrade Kit does NOT include a Tactical Assault Panel

NOTE: The Taps Upgrade Kit (Mk2) now includes the udpated Fat Strap Mk4. All other components are identical to the original TAPS Kit.

If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact

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