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The Shoe Snakes 

Spiritus Systems is proud to introduce Shoe Snakes in officially licensed Multicam and Multicam Black color-ways. Made in America from US sourced materials, these flat-woven laces were designed to stay securely knotted under prolonged use and stand up to heavy wear and tear. These are great for your Altama OTBs, VANS, or Chuck Taylors. 

Shoe Snakes come in two sizes to accommodate different sneakers: 

45" Length for Low Tops 

63" Length for High Tops 

Unsure of what size to get? Pull your lace out of your shoe and measure it, then select the lace size that matches best.  


Spiritus Systems is the ONLY place to get 45" and 63" inch length laces. 


Each package comes with a pair of laces. 


Shoes and other accessories NOT included! 

Shoe Snakes CANNOT be returned


Product Reviews

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Awesome laces!
Written by Jeremy Kern on Aug 17th 2021

Used these in my Merrell Moab 2 boots and they were way better than any other laces they offered! After a year of hard usage in those boots there’s still no fraying it wearing on these laces!

Sick laces
Written by Mike on Dec 17th 2020

Length is perfect and looks great. I’ll be buying another pair

Really nice MCB laces
Written by TDS on Dec 15th 2020

Wanted MCB laces and that’s what I got, they look real nice on my 5.11s.

Sexy snakes
Written by Erik on Dec 9th 2020

Shoes snakes in Multicam black. What more could you possibly need in life? These are high quality and compliment my MCB 5.12 Norris Sneakers.

Written by Gage on Dec 9th 2020

Bought both the multicam and multicam black high top laces. Really amazing quality, will get more.

Shoe snakes
Written by Mark on Nov 30th 2020

Bought some black high top vans to slither these snakes into. They’re gonna look sick. Also came with two spiritus stickers. Who doesn’t love stickers?

Sweet Laces
Written by GTO on Nov 19th 2020

They are your basic laces. But, much cooler since they come in MC and MCB. I have about 3 pairs now in various shoes, Vans and my 5.11 Norris (also in MCB). If you want multicam laces, these are the ones for you.

Awesome laces
Written by Kempy on Nov 19th 2020

Super high quality laces. The printing is top notch and the multicam black looks great. They’re woven very well so I know they won’t fall apart. These are by far the best MCB laces on the market. Currently wearing them in Viktos Johnny Combat boots with Tracer Tactical Covert Sleeves in MCB

I can't afford DEFCONs
Written by Matt F on Nov 2nd 2020

So I bought some SK8 Hi Pros and slapped some MC snakes on them. Looks cool on the 'Gram, stays tied etc. Will be buying MCB when they're back in stock. Get some.

The freshest Kicks
Written by Aaron M on Nov 1st 2020

For a solid year I've been shredding my SK8's and thinking "Damn, if only I could make these gummy soled door kickers look more B8sed" Well my search is over. Finally I can sleep easy at night knowing all all 3 people who check the quality of my shoe laces will be impressed. Not only by the gucci camo pattern, but by the fact that is SS as well. P.S really wish they had an alpine version, also can I get these made in a FR variant???

Bada*s laces
Written by David Williams on Oct 14th 2020

Best quality

These snakes are legit
Written by Chris on Oct 9th 2020

you cannot go wrong with these snakes. If you hate your shoes coming untied, buy these. If you hate being a basic these. If you like being a bit different, buy these. If you like your shoes coming untied so you have to bend over every couple hours...skip these.

Shoe Snakes
Written by Jake Rogers on Sep 21st 2020

Great Quality. Don't Hesitate. You may not be an operator, but dang if you won't look like one. Jokes aside, they are a subtle addition to your low/high tops that you should have, and if you don't have them then get them. Support Spiritus Systems. Rock on.

Great laces, a bit short
Written by Jake on Sep 17th 2020

I bought the "Low Top" Black Multicam laces for my low top Chucks. If the laces were about 2 inches longer, I would have given them 5 stars. They are a bit too short for my shoes, but the "High Tops" would have been way too long. I love the look, but need the length.

Written by Josh on Aug 31st 2020

I think I literally cut my split times in half, enhanced my CQB skills, and elevated my long range shooting game to a whole new level. Definitely recommend these laces if your a Civilian operator like me!! Oh, and they make my vans look sick.

Perfect fit
Written by E.W. on Aug 28th 2020

Snagged a pair of the low top shoe snakes in MC black and slapped them on my Kyle Walker's. They were a perfect fit and now I can't see my shoes in the dark. Sneaky feet. They've also held up really well, no fraying or falling apart.

Shoe snakes
Written by Korey on Aug 21st 2020

I bought these to go with some RBS custom Sk8-Hi vans. The laces came, but I couldn’t get the vans made. Nothing better than products made in America. Hopefully I can get the shoes figured out so I can post pictures on IG like all the cool guys with Gucci gear I follow.

Gucci Shoe Strings
Written by Evan on Jul 31st 2020

Where do I start !? Keeps my vans secure of feet and decreases my split times ! All while looking good doing it !!

Bad Ass Shoe Snakes
Written by Josh Marks on Jul 16th 2020

These bad boys keep my shoes tight and snug on my feet all day. Perfect fit for both my low and high top vans.

Shoe Snake Plissken
Written by John on Jul 15th 2020

This is my fourth pair of Shoe Snakes. Best laces I've found. I've been searching for, and trying-out all the USA-made laces I could find for a crazy person. These are by far the best. They lace up smoothly, have just the right amount of stretch (very little), hold knots securely, yet are easy to untie. Having good laces elevates the whole shoe-wearing experience.

Run Faster. Jump Higher.
Written by Dave Liufau on Jul 2nd 2020

Put these on my Vans high tops. They're a little longer than the laces that came with the shoes and are definitely better quality. Lace them into your kicks and you'll instantly run faster, jump higher. For sure no ones stealing your lunch money anymore.

Clean, crisp, and gorgeous
Written by William Pennington on Jun 8th 2020

When paired with black the multicam just pops on my vans. Cant recommend them enough to flex on other people

Written by Carson on May 29th 2020

They’re sick, worth the price 100% and you’ll get women all over you. The MCB pair I got works gear with my black vans.

Get them
Written by Patrick Hinton on May 29th 2020

If you want to get totally laid.

Awesome product
Written by Justin on May 26th 2020

They fit perfectly in multiple pairs of my boots and shoes, the material is durable and holds up better than your Average shoe laces. They look awesome and I’d definitely recommend them.

Multicam Black Shoe Snakes
Written by Keean on May 22nd 2020

I got these solely for my new vans and I’ve never felt sexier. They make my feet feel so alive and look so fly. Someone said they were dumb and I broke their nose. Someone come bail me out. Thanks

Shoe Snakes
Written by Dalton J Kemp on Apr 20th 2020

I really enjoy this product. I bought the 45 and 63 MC Black snakes good product. Form and function in one package.

Shoe Snakes
Written by j on Apr 16th 2020

Fit and finish is perfection and all I can say is that these should come standard on all DEFCON Vans...

Shoe Snakes
Written by Paul on Apr 16th 2020

I got these for my MCB Vans x Defcon and they are perfect! Make sure you get the longer ones for high tops.

Solid laces
Written by Bryan on Mar 10th 2020

They’re good laces, I put them on my edc shoes and they’re even more comfy now, plus the color scheme is cool. Will buy again

Written by Kelly on Feb 24th 2020

Respect the drip, enough said...

Shoe Snakes
Written by Joe M on Feb 21st 2020

I bought these for my Sk8-Hi MTEs because the laces they come with are trash. These are not trash, they’re sick as fuck. Seriously, they hold tightly, they’re durable and do not stretch out or loosen. So far so good, I’ll be grabbing another pair or two when my other shoe laces give out.

Work great
Written by Grace on Feb 10th 2020

Look rad and never come untied on accident.

Written by John Davis on Nov 30th 2019

Keeps my shoes on. Flexin on the Shadow Moses peeps

Shoe Snakes
Written by Matthew Hall on Nov 16th 2019

These are awesome. I have a pair of vans tiger stripe camo sk8 hi and i got the black multicam snakes and they make the shoes look so much better.

Multicam snakes
Written by Austin on Nov 16th 2019

They work as laces should, I do like the thin and rough feel of them. Seems less likely to pick up burs and stickers

Shoe Snakes
Written by Logan on Nov 13th 2019

Absolutely flawless, my murdered out high top vans instantly became more murdery the second these shoe snakes were added, which I didn't know was possible!! TOO WICKED

Shoe snakes
Written by Wesley Livermon on Nov 12th 2019

They’re dope! Look sick on high top Vans.

Look great
Written by Sean on Nov 11th 2019

The 63" is perfect for the high top Altama OTBs. Perfect to complete your #multicamblackgang loadout.

Snakes For Days
Written by John on Nov 11th 2019

These laces are great. Threw some 63 inchers on my Reebok Nanos (Men's 14 USA). Perfect length, with enough to easily tie and double-knot without neurosurgical skills. Might be a bit long for smaller sized Nanos; I don't know how much the size affects lace length. I had replaced my original Nano laces with some 60 inchers, but the resulting knot was still a bit short to easily double-up. Besides the good length, the construction is top notch. The material is very thin and light, and I momentarily thought I got scammed with some janky crap with multicam sprinkles on top. However, I placed my trust in Spiritus Systems' penchant for quality, and I wasn't let down. After lacing my shoes and wearing them for a few days, it became apparent the material is not crap. I have yet to put them through the ringer (poky Texas foliage, Father Time, squats, dead lifts, etc.), but so far so good. They don't easily fray, they keep knots well, and what little stretch they have is limited to the fabric's weave structure vs. its fibrous elasticity (I'm guessing these are made of some polyester derivative, and not a nylon), and they stretch uniformly over the normal cross-section of the lace, so I don't expect them to lose lateral strength and snap, or to deform/cup too much. I'm pretty OCD about how small parts affect larger systems, so I enjoy scrutinizing things like shoe laces. These little nope-ropes make me feel farm and fuzzy inside, so I'm happy. I hope my nonsense helps other's find their happy place.

Whats not to like?
Written by Cody F on Nov 11th 2019

Slapped them on my black low-top vans.

Shoe Snakes
Written by Jason Pierotti on Nov 8th 2019

You can definitely use them to tie your shoes.

They Bite!
Written by Ethan A on Nov 8th 2019

The Shoe Snakes slap. Pattern looks really clean. I don’t know how you can be disappointed...they are shoelaces!

Shoe Snakes
Written by Jason on Nov 8th 2019

Bought the 63inch multicam black version for my all black high top chucks. They look amazing and fit perfectly.

Product Review
Written by Jacob on Nov 8th 2019

The most badass shoelaces you’ll ever get!! Great product and fit my high top Vans perfectly:)