MOLLE Expander Wing

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Maximum Purchase:
10 units


The MOLLE Expander Wing is a versatile and ambidextrous platform designed for mounting knives, pouches, and other essential gear underneath the cummerbund of the LV/119 plate carrier. This innovative wing seamlessly integrates with the front plate bag through a double-sided hook and loop field, which can be securely mounted on the front plate bag's loop panel. Additionally, it can be attached under a Micro Fight Chassis or 556 Placard.

One notable feature of the wing is its integration of loops and a pass-through mechanism for female Tubes™ bars. This unique design allows the wing to seamlessly work with a Tubes™-equipped LV/119 plate carrier. Moreover, it enables the integration of Tubes™ on a plate carrier that would not typically support them.

The MOLLE grid of the wing provides a robust mounting platform, as it is built with ballistic Tegris material. This ensures a solid foundation for attaching various items. The grid incorporates regularly-spaced metal eyelets, allowing for the secure lashing or zip-tying of non-standard items to the wing. The MOLLE grid consists of two columns and two rows, providing sufficient space for customization and organization.

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