Micro Fight Half Flap

Height 7.00
Width 4.00
Maximum purchase 2
Color None Selected Required

The Half Flap allows for expanded carrying options while utilizing one of our Pistol Magazine Inserts in the front pocket of the Micro Fight Chassis.

Using the Half Flap is easy. Simply attach the 2 inch strip of Velcro in between your magazine insert and the Chassis wall on the inside of the rear pocket on your Micro Fight. Then, fold the Half Flap over to cover half of the front Pocket. 


Note: This product will work on the Micro Fight Chest Rig MK2, MK3 and MK4. It is NOT compatible with the MK1. 

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact sales@spiritussystems.com 


Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 29 ratings)
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Half flap rg
Written by CHRAVIS on Nov 3rd 2020

It's a flap and its half. Solid 10/10

Written by Damaso Alvarez Jr on Nov 2nd 2020

Spiritus is the way to go.

Half flap for Micro chest rig
Written by James S. on Oct 21st 2020

Very very pleased with the quality of the half flap- Now just waiting and waiting for a multicam micro chest to be instock to complete my first plate carrier.

Written by Eric Bowling on Sep 25th 2020

It works! What else can I say. 4/5 because it's... Just a tiny bit too weak and I worry about losing some kit.

Fast shipping, good quality.
Written by Joey Geese on Aug 21st 2020

I ordered mine 3 days ago. When I arrived home today, it was waiting for me. It really pulls the microfight together.

Half flap
Written by Talon Northrup on Aug 14th 2020

Bought my chasis in 2016 and ran two triple m4 mag inserts since, I just recently decided to try the half flap and double pistol combo, and its an awesome setup, the half flap still provides enough room to carry snacks nd shit but doesn’t take up the entire front pouch

Does It’s Job
Written by Josh on Aug 13th 2020

It covers half of the micro fight front pocket. Ships fast, East to install.

Micro half flap
Written by Brotato_chips on Jul 17th 2020

Perfectly complements my chest rig. Running a double pistol mag insert on the left & my half flap on the right. Makes a perfect pocket for anything you need to grab on the go!

Very Rare
Written by Paul on Jun 25th 2020

When I goes in stock dont hesitate. Even if its mismatched. If you hesitate you wont have it. Overall secures my vape and vape juice next to my pistol mags. Dont need to put it in my pocket. Its located right there. If I need to vape I just pull the flap and tactically grab my vape and blow the vape out. So it also acts as smoke grenade, just in case I'm under sniper fire.

a.k.a. the Unicorn Flap
Written by Joseph Scott on May 6th 2020

I checked the website several times a day for a couple months before I was able to grab this thing. At first I was annoyed because I had to buy each piece individually and pay four different shipping charges, but honestly $28 isn’t enough to get pissy about. Especially after you have all your pieces and throw it all together. I got the Micro to replace my Haley chest rig (because the Micro allows more mobility) and it’s perfect for what I do for training. It may seem like “just a flap”, but it makes a Huge difference, quality and most importantly... looking cool. Love Spiritus gear!

Half flap
Written by Joseph Sutherland on Mar 12th 2020

Does exactly what’s its supposed to. I run it to carry additional med gear and an old fassion compass.

Half Flap
Written by Michael Medina on Feb 29th 2020

Great quality, not much to say about its function, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Essential piece
Written by Rookie on Jan 20th 2020

Just as needed as your mag inserts. Great piece of kit.

Half Flap
Written by Chaz C on Dec 19th 2019

Great construction. Works exactly as it should.

Flippy Flap Covers some Floop
Written by Josah on Nov 28th 2019

Great flap to cover some stuff or to make your micro rig look cool. 10/10 would use again.

Buy this
Written by Civilian warrior on Oct 8th 2019

Dont overthink it, just buy it. You need this.

Half Flap
Written by William Rodgers on Oct 4th 2019

Perfect solution for keeping my knife, multi tool, flashlight and notes pad secure while on duty. Quick easy access without taking up extra space or wasting space.

Good piece of gear
Written by Dan Grigsby on Sep 10th 2019

This half flap is the glass half full solution to having pistol mags or other tools readily available on one side and battery and other items safely stored on the other

Wont regret this component
Written by Aaron on Jun 23rd 2019

Wasnt initially sold on this until I got it.. great for a minor compartment. Feel more comfortable than I thought I would with only 2 pistol mags. Keep a tiny notebook/moleskine in here with a sharpy. Small light and tool.

Written by Kyle on Apr 14th 2019

I've studied the Spiritus Systems rig for a while. I finally pulled the trigger and got one. The modularity is a huge selling point as well as numerous other options. I've ran this in one training class to date and I'm only mad about how long I waited to buy one.

It just works
Written by Julian on Apr 1st 2019

It keeps my knife, light, and other random junk in my Micro Fight from falling out or snagging in anything. Great for creating a storage compartment for your lesser accessed items. It does what it needs to without removing space for moral patches.

Top Notch
Written by Darrell E Thompson on Aug 9th 2018

Love the half flap it allows me to keep my med gear contained in the rig from falling out..

Very useful
Written by Ryan on Jul 6th 2018

Very well made, like all Spritus products.

Flap on the fly
Written by Evan on Jul 2nd 2018

I like this flap because like most Spiritus products, it’s very straight forward. I can keep whatever extras I need to hold, any maintenence tools, and that’s really all that it needs to do. If you’re really against velcro, then you may not like it as much, but for how I use it it is very great to keep everything on one system.

It's a flap.
Written by Tony on Apr 23rd 2018

It's a flap. It works. Comes in a variety of colors. Cool.

Half Flap
Written by Garrett S on Jan 23rd 2018

Great addition to the MK3 chassis, this allows you to have a closable top on only half of the general purpose pocket. I choose the half flap to allow me to put two pistol mags on the other half, using the pistol mag inserts. On the closed half it allows me to carry a flashlight, chem lights, and a TQ without the chance of them coming out when using it and securely keeping those items in place.

Half Flap Hotness
Written by Tim Koury on Dec 10th 2017

I purchased one in MC Tropic and it's glorious. Even the loop panel is MCT and it's perfect for securing anything you wouldn't want to fall out. Maps, small radio, wallet... Nothing will fall out.

Superb Quality!
Written by Mike M. on Aug 28th 2017

It's a flap. But it's an extremely well made flap. If I could, I would make a hammock out of these. Joking aside, fabric is thick and durable, stitching is robust and straight, and measurements are spot on.

Written by Louis holguin on Dec 2nd 2016

When I received the half flap in the mail I noticed right off the bat that the color was on point(if you care about color coordination).. was as shown in the pictures, the stitching was incredible and I've not yet been able to put it thru it's test but im very satisfied! Highly recommend this company!