Liberty Dynamic Flash Bang Pouch

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10 units
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Maximum Purchase:
10 units


Internal Height, Internal Width, Internal Length, MOLLE Columns, MOLLE Rows,


Internal Height:
6 in.
Internal Width:
2.5 in.
Internal Length:
1 in.
MOLLE Columns:



The Liberty Dynamic Flashbang Pouch is a purpose-built storage solution for the Liberty Dynamic Flash Bang Grenade, but with a rectangular profile that is similar in size to many other common items found on the battlefield, this pouch can effectively store a wide variety of other items. 556 magazines, certain ATAK devices, and cell phones will all work with this pouch.

The internal dimensions are 2” wide x 7” tall x 1” deep. However, the elastic sides on the pouch and the adjustable top allow it to accommodate larger items (i.e. a Kagwerks EUD case measuring 3.5” wide).

The MOLLE backer takes up two columns and features a split MOLLE bar on the second row so it can be configured as a belt pass-through for various belt widths. The top flap of the pouch can be stowed inside the pouch so the user can use it as an open-top storage solution, or install the included shock cord retaining tab.

This pouch is also a great alternative to the MPRC Mk5 if you are using small handsets like the Baofeng UV-5R or similar radios. When configured with an open top and shock cord retaining tab it will accommodate aftermarket antennae and PTT wiring while maintaining access to the radios top-mounted knob.

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