Cana Provisions Water DECON Kit

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Personal water security is a ciritical consideration for anybody living or operating in austere environments. The Cana Provisions Water DECON Kit was developed in-conjunction with Direct Action Resource Center (DARC) and designed to easily slide into a pocket, pouch, or pack. This self-enclosed kit provides you with the tools necessary to maintain a last line of defense against waterborne illnesses when clean sources are not available. 

Want to know more about how to use the kit? Watch the full product overview video (HERE)



  • 4mil laminated mylar bag

  • Heat sealed with easy-tear notches

  • Resealable zipper

  • Drug facts and instruction card included on waterproof paper

  • Drug facts and instruction card remains flammable when wet for fire starting use

  • Extremely lightweight at 1.2 ounces

Contents Include.

  • 10x water purification tablets

  • 6x anti-diarrheal tablets

  • 4x compressed towelettes - intended for pre-filtering or cooling use

  • 4x rubber bands - pre-filtering, organization, line securing

  • 4x alcohol wipes - wound care, sterilizing surfaces

  • 4x waterproof bandages - wound care, infection prevention, water protection

  • 2x triple-antibiotic ointment - wound care, infection prevention

  • 2x safety pins - general organization, clothing/gear repair

Warnings and disclosures

  • Store in a cool, dry place. Do not exceed 140deg F (60deg C)

  • In the event of a life-threatening emergency, seek professional medical care immediately, if available

  • User assumes all responsibility for the use of this product

  • User assumes all responsibility to use the contents per the individual manufacturer’s enclosed instructions

  • Please note that 5 decon kits will fit in the small cana mesh bag

 This is a non-returnable product.




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Cana Provisions Water DECON Kit
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