Spiritus Systems Attends the NVUC

Spiritus Systems Attends the NVUC

Posted by Spiritus Staff on Feb 11th 2022

We took a trip to Little Rock, Arkansas to attend the Direct Action Resource Center Night Vision Users Course (NVUC). The event was also attended by some friends from Veil Solutions, Dead Air Silencers, B.E. Meyers & Co., Superior Defense, and Presample Depot.

NVUC is a unique training experience where the student’s ability to handle optic and laser zeroing, weapon malfunction, and movement challenges are put to the test in increasingly difficult and complex scenarios. You’re not operational under night vision until you’ve sorted out your approach to the unique challenges of gunfighting in the dark, and three days of working problems under nods will give you new skills (and a healthy dose of respect) for night fighting.

For more information on AOBT or DARC reach out to them using the link below.

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