LumiMod Washers

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Spiritus Systems partnered with LumiMod to distribute a durable solution for quick access to bag, pouch and back panel contents in low-light / no-light scenarios. The photo-luminescent washers integrate with Spiritus Systems’ Posi-Lock zipper pulls to provide a small-but-distinct visual signature that removes the need for the user to rely on tactile means for zipper pull location. 

The washers are small enough to remain discreet on the wearer from a distance, but bright enough to enable instant access to bags or pouches in the dark and under stress. To mount, simply undo the end knot of a Spiritus Systems cord pull thread both ends through the washer, and re-knot the zipper pull. 

LumiMod Washers can also be attached to any item that needs to be quickly identified in low light conditions. 

LumiMod Washers are made in the USA and come in packs of two.