Large Bear Claw Gloves, 5 Pair

Height 6.50
Width 4.60

***For US/APO sales only. Not for export. All overseas orders placed for this item will be rejected. MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CANNOT BE RETURNED, ALL SALES ARE FINAL*** 


Bear Claw Gloves.


Sand Tan, so that you can see blood on them even in low light situations. 

Bear Claw Ultimate Nitrile gloves are made of 100% nitrile material, which is free of allergens found in standard latex gloves. They are engineered to give our users high performance by offering both maximum protection and unsurpassed tactile sensitivity. This careful attention to detail includes textured fingertips to help with fine motor skills, beaded cuffs for quick and easy donning, and a thickened palm for durability and reliability. These ambidextrous gloves are packaged 5 pairs per bag. 


5 pairs per bag. 



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Good Stuff
Written by William on Feb 22nd 2021

Was passing through Memphis on my way back home after the semester was up and responded to an accident. Used these gloves along with the Fanny sack packed with the spiritus ifak. The color helped during my blood sweep of the patient, and they didn’t get torn up when I had to crawl over his truck to turn it off after it plowed through a building. Solid piece of medical equipment that just works

First pair awesome
Written by Cody Fletcher on Feb 18th 2020

Not only is spiritus products top quality, ingenuity and versatility , but the service and support is top notch as well. I own 3 mk4 chest rigs and I own at least every type of insert. Best gear, best service, best company period!