Hypothermia Wrap

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***For US/APO sales only. Not for export. All overseas orders placed for this item will be rejected. MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CANNOT BE RETURNED, ALL SALES ARE FINAL *** 


The Hypothermia Wrap


Patient care often comes down to the basics of survival. Packaging a patient so that they are dry and warm is critical for the patient's survival and comfort. It can also be used as an emergency shelter/blanket in a pinch. 

The Hypothermia Wrap is designed to reflect heat back to the body and offers high-visibility orange to assist with location finding during search and rescue operations. 

The Hypothermia Wrap is a great addition to your BTRK kit or just as a stand alone item to put into your kit bag. 


Product includes an individual Hypothermia Wrap.


Packaged Size 3" x 4.5"

Wrap Size (Unfolded) 60" x 96"


Disclaimer: Medical Equipment is serious business. It is absolutely critical and advised that you seek appropriate training for the equipment you plan on purchasing and using. By purchasing Medical equipment from us the customer represents and warrants that all individuals using products purchased from Spiritus Systems are adequately trained in their use, and the Customer will cause the use of such products to be according to any instructions contained in packaging of such product, and to be in accord with current standards of care applicable thereto. 

Sold individually. Some pictures shown with additional accessories, not included. 

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Hypothermia Wrap
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