The Never Ending War, Volume One



A magazine like no other.


Volume One is just the beginning of a new series dedicated to Americas Longest War, and those who fight it.   


Volume One contains 50 Pages with articles about the Never Ending War, Poetry, Training, and information about Spiritus Systems for the American Warfighter. 

Released annually? Maybe sooner, maybe not, keep your eye out. 




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Great read
Written by Chris on Oct 12th 2020

Cool stories about product development, DARC, but in my opinion the best part was the portion devoted to their commitment, and the challenges associated with, American manufacturing. I have so much respect for this company because of how they do what they do. Spiritus products are NOT expensive. You are getting the highest quality kit you can buy, built in America, built by Americans who are receiving a living wage. There is nothing better than that. And yeah, there's cool pictures too.

The Never Ending War, VOL. 1
Written by Jake Rogers on Sep 28th 2020

If you don’t have it, you’re wrong.

Never Ending War
Written by Ian Reicher on Sep 23rd 2020

Amazing read, very descriptive about the company’s values and their products. Offers an in depth description of high level training as well.

Written by Trevor on Aug 25th 2020

Awesome and informative. I hope you guys do more of these. Def worth purchasing

Great info for new customers and recurrent
Written by Gabriel Odin on Aug 4th 2020

Love the details and insight this has inside. This book is perfect for anyone that wants to have a detailed outline of some of the products that are made by spiritus and why they make them.

TNEW, Vol.1
Written by Josh on Jul 22nd 2020

Cool booklet detailing Spiritus and the different platforms they offer in great detail. Really complements the glow in the dark 32oz. Nalgene bottle well.

Awesome info
Written by Caroline Goad on Jun 29th 2020

Cute little book. Didn't even realize my husband wanted it until after I purchased it. I thought it would be a cool thing for me to read and learn about the products he's interested in.

Honestly Just Solid Information
Written by William on May 5th 2020

Solid booklet that is extremely informative about the development and production of Spiritus System equipment. It's always a good idea to understand the goals and research which drives product development and this is a good purchase for those who simply want to learn more.

Volume 1
Written by Dalton J Kemp on Apr 20th 2020

I really enjoyed this product because, I like to understand the concept of what I purchase.

Magazine V1
Written by Heath Quillin on Feb 17th 2020

Give great detail about the amazing company and their different platforms they offer! Highly recommended if you are curious about the company or as a souvenir.