The Great Seal

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When we first thought to print this design, we wanted to give back something special to our nation's warfighters. We wanted a design that was as uncompromising as our customers, yet simple in design and timeless in appearance. The Spiritus Systems Great Seal Shirt is a take on the classic United States "Great Seal" created by our founding fathers. We tweaked the symbolism to give it a true warfighter's appeal. The banner reads "Non Uerba Legatorum" which is latin for "No Diplomacy." The Eagle is now two headed; ever vigilant of the next battle. We also removed the olive branch which is the international sign for peace and replaced it with more arrows.  We are always watching, always prepared, always willing. There is no diplomacy on the battlefield. 

Like all of our premium apparel designs this one is printed on American made shirts by Americans.