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This is the exclusive, custom Spiritus Systems version of the plastic bottle that started it all.  The 32 ounce Spiritus Systems Nalgene is BPA-free, impact-resistant, dishwasher safe, leak proof bottle that is equally suited for cold and hot beverages.

We chose a "wide mouth" Nalgene for 3 reasons.

1. It makes it easier to clean the inside of the bottle in a dishwasher as well as in the field. 

2. It allows for electrolyte mixtures to be easily added to the inside of the bottle. 

3. The larger opening makes it easier to transfer liquids from larger containers into the Nalgene. 


Nalgene bottles have been trusted by soldiers, athletes, hikers, and outdoorsmen for decades. They’re durable, functional, and -- unlike some sports bottles -- they’ll keep your drinks tasting fresh even after a long day of training.


Currently, the Spiritus Systems Nalgene is offered in OLIVE Green or GLOW in the Dark. Both colors come standard with a Black Logo and graduated measurements. 


NOTE: The GLOW bottle should not be used during combat operations but is great for finding your bottle at night inside a tent when climbing a 14,000 footer. 




  • Made in the USA
  • 32 ounce
  • Wide-mouth opening
  • Loop-top lid
  • Color: OLIVE Green with a Black Cap
  • Use for Warm and Cold Drinks
  • Dishwasher Safe (keep cap away from heating element)

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 17 ratings)
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Written by Seth on Dec 12th 2019

Holds water 10/10

Nalgenie in a Bottle
Written by Steffen M on Oct 7th 2019

Got one of each color for me and my girl. It’s part of our EDC packs... the Spiritus logo makes it pretty. It’s a Nalgene. It does Nalgene things. Get it!

Glow Nalgene
Written by Zach Clevenger on Sep 25th 2019

I love this thing! Could be a bit bigger but I love it anyways and the glow in the dark makes it easy to find in the wee hours of the mornings

Written by Jimmy Jackson on Aug 19th 2019

Been using a Nalgene to hydrate at work for years. They hold up to hard use, easy to clean, and keeps your high quality H2O fresh. The glow is my favorite, I use it every day at home and completely stopped buying cases of bottled water. Bought a couple OD ones later on for the rest of the Fam. Thanks Spiritus.

Written by Ethan on Aug 16th 2019

Amazing. It feels good to buy and use the products from a company I fully support and agree with. I love this Nalgene bottle.

OD Green Nalgene
Written by Devin Fowler on Aug 9th 2019

Perfect bottle. Im a big OD fan so the color definitely made the bottle a must for me. I would definitely recommend this bootle and company to anyone.

Pinky out
Written by schifftopher on Jul 25th 2019

Bought the GLOW because I wanted something different. All I do now is sit at home in the dark in my mom's basement charging this bad boy with my surefire hellfire and watching the glow sipping sweet cold H2O nectar. The slight texture of the bottle makes sure it doesn't slip through my cheeto cheese covered fingers. Great job guys. Great. Job.

GlœBöi Nalgene
Written by Fat Jake on Jul 22nd 2019

Water containment meets glow designator. Yeet fatigue away by staying hydrated in style. Its great.

OD Nalgy boi
Written by Scott on Jul 22nd 2019

Nalgene bottles are already tried and true but they'll never be as cool as either of the Spiritus bottles.

So Fresh And So Clean
Written by Stephen Pacheco on Jul 1st 2019

The Olive Nalgene is just what I needed. It’s like any other Nalgene except totally cooler in this color and Spiritus Systems text and Lone Wolf logo. Now everyone knows that when I hydrate, I hydrate with style. Thank you for the awesome bottle, keep up the good work.

Great bottle
Written by Alex Davis on Jun 28th 2019

It’s the Nalgene name you trust with the awesome look of Spiritus Systems. Been using this for everything from workouts at the gym to working at the shop. Works great, looks great. Can’t wait to get the glow in the dark one next.

Written by Messy Marv on Jun 28th 2019

Everything you want in a simple bottle - nice wide mouth - check - beautiful olive drab hue - check - spiritus logo - check - always out of stock - check It doesnt keep my drinks cold for 72 hrs or keep my boiling water at 212 degrees But when I drink from this it feels cool. And thats what matters. My brother said he drinks more water because of his

Nalgene bottle
Written by Rusty Shackleford on Jun 27th 2019

It's good

Spiritus Nalgene
Written by Brandi McDaniel on Jun 27th 2019

The glow is impressive!!

The Classic
Written by Kyle on Jun 27th 2019

The nalgene we all know and love. I went with the glow in the dark option and it works as advertised. I had it at a concert this weekend and the hippies were very confused.

Spirtus Systems Nalgene
Written by Clay Smith on Jun 22nd 2019

The perfect inconspicuous nalgene, whether sticker-bombed or left clean, allows you to flaunt the wolf. Only con would be the shipping price.

Written by James Cheatham on Jun 5th 2019

Excellent product! Fits great in a canteen pouch and it’s already Olive Green so I don’t have to rattle can it before going to the field. As always, great work Spiritus Systems ⚡️⚡️