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This is the exclusive, custom Spiritus Systems version of the plastic bottle that started it all.  The 32 ounce Spiritus Systems Nalgene is BPA-free, impact-resistant, dishwasher safe, leak proof bottle that is equally suited for cold and hot beverages.

We chose a "wide mouth" Nalgene for 3 reasons.

1. It makes it easier to clean the inside of the bottle in a dishwasher as well as in the field. 

2. It allows for electrolyte mixtures to be easily added to the inside of the bottle. 

3. The larger opening makes it easier to transfer liquids from larger containers into the Nalgene. 


Nalgene bottles have been trusted by soldiers, athletes, hikers, and outdoorsmen for decades. They’re durable, functional, and -- unlike some sports bottles -- they’ll keep your drinks tasting fresh even after a long day of training.


Currently, the Spiritus Systems Nalgene is offered in Olive Green, Clear, or Glow in the Dark. Both colors come standard with a Black Logo and graduated measurements. 


NOTE: The Glow in the Dark bottle should not be used during combat operations but is great for finding your bottle at night inside a tent when climbing a 14,000 footer. 




  • Made in the USA
  • 32 ounce
  • Wide-mouth opening
  • Loop-top lid
  • Color: OLIVE Green with a Black Cap
  • Use for Warm and Cold Drinks
  • Dishwasher Safe (keep cap away from heating element)

Product Reviews

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Glow baby
Written by Chris on Feb 18th 2020

Glow in the dark rules. Not much more expensive than a regular plain Nalgene, too.

Written by Bryan McMahon on Jan 20th 2020

I need to grab the glow version! Love this color also.

It's a frickin Nalgene
Written by Fetus111 on Jan 6th 2020

Great bottle. Buy all of them. They're bombproof. Just looking at the Logo wants to make me drink out of it. Try dropping a metal bottle off a cliff. Boil water, pour it in the Nalgene, and throw it in your sleeping bag for a foot warmer. Take it to the gym and show all the Bros you mean bizness with your pre-workout of plain ol' tap water.

Clean Looking Bottle
Written by Nazzgrul on Dec 15th 2019

I was disappointed I missed the OD green color with different logo in the first water bottle release, but this logo has grown on me. Super clean. The Nalgene is a solid dihydrogen monoxide storage solution as always.

Logo nalgene mk2 neon
Written by Jody on Dec 12th 2019

Love the way it glows

It holds water.
Written by Cody on Dec 6th 2019

It holds water very well. I’ve tried using other things for this. Onion rings. Waffles. My Couch. I wasn’t able to get it to hold so I could drink it. But finally this product came along and it changed the way I view this new thing called “cups”. But seriously it is a fairly large container and I’m sure it would be useful on long walks on hostile beaches.