Specialty Fanny SACK Pouch

Height 4.50
Width 7.00
Depth 2.50
Maximum purchase 2
Color None Selected

Specialty Color Fanny Sacks come with a Cordura color matched front pocket. 

Specialty Color Fanny Sacks come with a Cordura color matched front pocket. 

Specialty Color Fanny Sacks come with a Cordura color matched front pocket. 



The " Fanny SACK" bridges the gap between our popular Sub Abdominal Carry Kit and every day carry. Wear it for a full mission profile, or stash your carry gun in it while you're out on the long board. 

It was designed to make critical equipment easy to access from both sides or when in a confined space like a vehicle. The Fanny SACK can also be worn on the lower back and out of the way but quickly slid around the waist when needed. 

The Fanny SACK pouch features a half zip design, which means that your equipment will not easily fall out of the pouch even if the zipper is left unsecured. 

The front of the pouch features a small zippered stash pocket that is great for organizing small items. The bottom of the pouch features two elastic loops that can be adjusted to hold a tourniquet or other equipment that you may need to rapidly deploy. If bottom carry doesn't fit your mission needs, you can easily remove and reinstall the loops as necessary.

The inside features soft loop Velcro on both sides. This makes the pouch very dynamic, giving you the ability to use our Velcro Insert Suite to fit your requirements. It also features two slide-locks that make it easy to adjust the tension of the elastic loops hanging below, as well as two tie-down loops for securing sensitive equipment. The two grommet holes on the bottom aid with drainage of the pouch, if submersion occurs.  

Two retainer loops are sewn into the interior of the pouch for tethering sensitive items as well. 

The Fanny SACK is designed to be worn around your waist.  

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.


If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact sales@spiritussystems.com

Cord-locks for this product may arrive "unset." If your slide-lock seems to be broken/has no spring action, it likely just needs to be set. Squeezing the lock firmly between your thumb and index finger should apply enough pressure to the top of the lock to "pop" it, activating the spring mechanism.

Product Reviews

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Written by Christopher on Jul 15th 2020

I’ve used my splatter fanny SACK every day since I’ve had it. I can use it to hold phone, AirPods, keys, or even a G43x. You definitely need one.

Sack pouch
Written by jorge soria on Jul 14th 2020

Great item !

Great Camo.
Written by Paul on Jul 14th 2020

I live in an urban environment. So anything with camo is "military grade." Alot of people saying that the splatter is useless in a tactical situation. But i find it to work best if you are surrounded with hipsters. I get alot of compliments walking around with the splatter fanny. Especially from the hipster girls. Match it with pit viper shades and splatter vans. Im walking in a river of hipster juices.

Written by Bowdi M Miller on Jun 2nd 2020

Loving my splatter print fanny. Using it as a travel pouch on my 1500 mile trip to Florida this year and I can confirm It will hold up to what you throw at it.

Written by Nic on May 8th 2020

First off it stays on, AT ALL TIMES. The woman got used to it after awhile. Perfectly fits an expanded medical kit and tq and i really like the option to not have to fish for stuff while its on my belt for a boo boo kit type deal. Great for running and keeping you pockets clear too. I got it for the meme, ended up integrating it into the serious kit. Highly recommend.

Fanny Sack
Written by Seth Bricker on Apr 16th 2020

It’s the shit.

Its a fanny pack
Written by Jon on Apr 14th 2020

So, its a fanny pack. I just got it earlier this week and took it through the woods and purposely put my stuff through some rough terrain/brush. Nothing broke, snapped, or ripped. So its well made. Honestly not to much too it. I go for a low-vis kit if shtf since I don't do cool shit anymore and this fits the bill. Holds a 1-1 full blowout kit I was issued, still has space inside and in the zipper compartment. Only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because the bungee straps at the bottom suck for Tourniquet placement. A elastic or Velcro tabs would of worked a lot better in my opinion since no matter how you face the tourniquet it will get caught as you pull it out. You can make it easier, but then you lose positive retention on it. I remedied this by just putting it in the pouch itself. Overall good shit, especially in God's plaid.

Fanny SACK MK3
Written by D. Z. Dimaquibo on Jan 4th 2020

With a couple of older Fanny SACKs (MultiCam® Black™ & Splatter) in daily use (for essentials) and a couple portable med/equipment kits, I've come to rely on their utility in such a compact form. Speaking to the size, initially, it forced me to consider what was essential to carry in my everyday Fanny SACK, as well as the Fanny SACKs I have made handy for motorcycling, mountain biking/running, and vehicle first-aid because of their compact size and durability. With the Cordura®, color-matched stash pocket of the MK3, the Fanny SACK seems to have gotten tougher, better. Looking forward to the MK3 in other patterns, MultiCam® Alpine™, DCU, etc.?