Slush Wolf T-Shirt

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In collaboration with WASTELAND KOOKS, we present.... SLUSH WOLF. 

These shirts are Next Level Apparel 60/40 Blend, comfortable yet durable.  

T Shirts CANNOT be returned! 






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yeah buddy
Written by Mack Ballard on Nov 10th 2020

awesome quality and fit

Written by Ron .A on Nov 7th 2020

fits great and super soft love this print colors and awesome

Written by Adam on Oct 19th 2020

I gotta say, this shirt absolutely slays. I was pleased to feel the material be soft and stretchy, instead of a rough, single ply sheet of sad toilet paper. Infact, a tear filled up my right eye when I first pulled it out of the package but that tear turned into a river when I put it on. This shirt fit perfect. Tight on the chest, arms and shoulders, but loose down the torso. Buy the shirt. It looks cool.

Best T Shirts out there
Written by Lisa Rounds on Sep 25th 2020

All of Spiritus Systems t shirts are soft 100% cotton and the most comfortable tshirts I own. Will definitely continue buying more! Best customer service and shipping is great!

Would buy again
Written by Evan on Sep 24th 2020

The design is perfect, shirt is of good quality, size fits right, and is a good conversation starter

Slush Wolf Tee Shirt
Written by Ian Reicher on Sep 23rd 2020

Very high quality tee shirt. Love the design.

Slushwolf tee
Written by Mudcat on Sep 22nd 2020

Received this in the mail the other day, and immediately upon opening the package my Dick grew three inches, my beer gut completely disappeared, and maybe the most important side effect is that with every purchase of this shirt, a filthy commie gets a free helicopter ride... 10/10 would recommend.

Slush Wolf
Written by Sam C on Aug 18th 2020

Quality T-Shirt with a cool graphic, whats not to like, I call him slush puppy though.

Written by Kevin Vest on Aug 12th 2020

This shirt is f**king awesome. Great quality and great design. Flawless

much slush, so wolf
Written by Grace on Jul 29th 2020

Comfortable, stretchy (so much room for activities). A great way to intimidate weak men into leaving you alone. Also, as with all Spiritus Systems shirts, it gives the wearer magical powers.

New favorite
Written by Brandie on Jul 29th 2020

love the shirt its lightweight and theborint is awesome!

Best shirt
Written by Nick on Jul 29th 2020

This is honestly a very comfortable shirt. The design is amazing, but the shirt is one of the most comfortable I have put on.

Written by Kyle Hoskison on Jun 19th 2020

Come on, it’s the best. Super comfortable well made shirt.

Really comfortable
Written by Paul on Jun 16th 2020

Just like everyone addicted to spiritus product, had to grab this when they dropped. Now its sold out. I usually wear normal shirts in the gym, I wore this the other day and boy was my pumps went harder, my reps went higher, and my arms got bigger. Took a peep on the mirror and I looked jack AF! Seemed like my testosterone went to the roof! Chest hairs started to come out and girls started to stare at me like I'm sort of a slushy...... .....none of those happened I havent even worn the shirt but highly recommended coping one.