SIERRATAC Padded Sling

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The SIERRATAC Sling, by Spiritus Systems. 


Every now and then we discover a product that is just too good to not use ourselves. We strive to not saturate the market with products that fill a gap that has already been filled by someone else. We have been getting asked for a sling for a long time, and we are pleased to have teamed up with SIERRATAC to provide you with the best sling on the market. 

The Sling was developed and field tested by professional endusers in both the LEO and Military realms. Every detail of the sling was meticulously thought out to provide the end user with an optimal solution for securing their weapon. Make no mistake, this sling was designed with real world operations in mind. 


Notable Features 

- SIERRATAC Proprietary Billet Aluminum Slider allows for quick tension adjustment to the sling without the inherent danger of a tail snagging other items. The slider acts as a solid indexing point under stressful or dark conditions. The slider does have machined slots that allow the user to add a small pull tab to it if desired. 

- Premium foam padding for added comfort during extended operations or training events. 

- The padding incasement is constructed out of 500d Cordura and has a minimal seam that ensures that there are no rough edges that will rub the users neck raw. We do not use biding to close the encasement which can rub your neck raw after prolonged usage.

-Open looped ends allow the user to add whatever mounting hardware is needed to fit their needs. 


NOTE: The SIERRATAC Sling does not come with QD swivels. QD swivels can be purchased separately [here]. 

The Sierra Tac sling was developed, prototyped and produced by SIERRATAC. Spiritus Systems is honored that SIERRATAC has chosen us to provide them with their latest evolution in the line up. You can check out their website here.


If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact

Product Reviews

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SIERRATAC Padded Sling Review
Written by Kenneth J on Jul 29th 2021

After approximately 6 months owning this sling, I have several takeaways, which are as follows: -Excellent materials -Fast, robust sling adjustment -Padding is just right In short, this sling is a fantastic choice for the serious professional, or for those who recognize quality equipment, and value a well built sling. Also, do yourself a favor and bless this sling with some QD attachments when it’s delivered, for the best experience with this excellent two point sling.

SierraTac Sling
Written by Brad Mills on May 25th 2021

After running VTacs for work for over a decade, I opted to try the Sierratac this spring. Should have done it years ago. The adjustment is smoother and comfort is

Best Sling in the Best Camo Ever
Written by Danny on Dec 15th 2020

Honestly, I’ve heard and tried other slings similar to the Sierratac, Spiritus offers, however this sling stands from the rest by being: simple and comfortable to use. No hassle or special stuff. Also got mine in the legendary Woodland M81 color.

Written by Stephen Kaye on Dec 14th 2020

Hands down the best sling. Ever. Buy 1 or be cool like me and buy 2

It's a sling, but better.
Written by Bonemancer-Ed on Dec 12th 2020

SIERRATAC and Spiritus didn't reinvent the sling, but they made it a lot better. This sling could be described as almost perfect. It bridges the gap between unpadded and heavily padded slings, and does it in a way that is just as comfortable if not more comfortable than a heavily padded sling. The real money maker is the aluminum slider though. The adjustment is so smooth and fast compared to other slings like the VTAC and the Vickers. I'm not sure I'll ever use another sling. If you aren't sure about it, just get it. You won't regret it.

Written by Elijah Santos on Nov 27th 2020

Lightning fast to adjust, appropriately padded, and soft on the neck. This is the ultimate Goldilocks sling.

Don’t waste time or money with other slings
Written by Ryan on Oct 21st 2020

This sling is light, comfortable, and easy to adjust. The adjustment slides like it’s on ice when you pull but won’t go anywhere unless you manipulate it. It’s like magic. The sling loop attachment is great because you can attach it on almost anything. The pad is great for avoiding chafing on your neck but I didn’t expect it to be so comfy as well.

Awesome sling
Written by Gino on Oct 19th 2020

Love this sling. It's on par with its competitors. Padding good, not too much to be bulky but enough so the sling doesn't cut into you. Quick adjust is decent also

Written by Jake Rogers on Sep 28th 2020

Fantastic Product. I purchased the Multicam Arid version for my bolt gun. Quality is exemplary. Metal hardware, smooth/secure adjustment. 10/10 would buy again. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs their kit to meet all the same standards they have to meet. Support the companies that support you.

Excellent Product
Written by Nick Ennis on Sep 28th 2020

I bought the sling in MC on the recommendation of a friend. I had a vtac knock off to start with and the Sierratac has blown it out of the water, at least for my thoroughly civilian uses. The thin padded section slides back and forth over my shoulder and neck very easily, and the slider is very intuitive, both things I couldn't say of my previous sling. The only downside to the sling is a significant amount of extra slack. I have them taped awkwardly at the moment, but I will probably end up cutting the unnecessary ends off.

Excellent Sling
Written by Bradley Wurster on Sep 20th 2020

Great sling, easily adjusts on the fly and pad feels good with a fair amount of weight on it. I only have one complaint and it not really a complaint just something I would change. Is the metal peice that the pad connects to the strap with feels a thin i am worried about bending it.

Written by Miles on Sep 17th 2020

The new sling is fire bruh. Super light weight, the SierraTac slider is great and super low friction, moves very freely. If I had to nitpick I would say there is kind of alot excess material on the ends after you mount it to the rifle. It can always be trimmed off if it gets in the way.

Slinging around town
Written by MES on Sep 15th 2020

Got the MC BLK; does what it needs to and without a lot of fluff. Ordered and received very quickly; already my favorite sling. Light weight and slider functions flawlessly. Will buy another!

Written by Scott on Sep 15th 2020

Very good, works well and is high quality

Great Quality
Written by Abby on Aug 31st 2020

Great quality and received it quickly!

Solid light weight sling
Written by E.W. on Aug 28th 2020

If you're looking for a light weight sling that isn't bulky and gonna get caught up on your kit, I'd definitely recommend this one. The padded section is the perfect length and width and lays comfortably where it needs to. I wasn't too sure about the slider adjustment when I first got the sling, but was pleasantly surprised at just how smooth it actually adjusts for retention. Probably one of the smoother adjustment tabs I've used. A solid light weight sling if that's what you're looking for. Different gear for different purposes.

Solid Sling
Written by Shay on Aug 21st 2020

If you want a simple, well built, comfortable sling, this is it. It's nothing ground breaking, it is a sling after all. The slider tab is simple and easy to adjust, if you mean to adjust it. Nothing to get caught or snag.

good sling
Written by drake on Aug 18th 2020

Simple yet effective sling

Great overall sling.
Written by Jerry on Aug 13th 2020

Pros: -Fantastic adjustment mechanism. -Lots of extra length to webbing to make it fit anything and then tuck or trim to length. -Very good stitching -Low profile webbing that's very flexible -Thermally-cut ends of the webbing so it won't fray. -Can add a pull tab if you want to the slider as it has a generous eyelet. -Padding is pretty comfortable. -Competitive price Meh: -Padding has a seam but you can flip the padding section over easily. -Maybe a velcro add-on padding section would be nice if you plan on using this for a very heavy rifle. Bad: -Nothing. It's a great sling in the end.

Written by Tom on Aug 13th 2020

This is one of the smoothest operating slings I've used, IMO. The padding is perfect, not too thick, not too thin. I like the slider, I know some people don't think it's intuitive but it's easy to use and unnoticeable when you don't need it.

SIERRATAC Padded Sling
Written by Dillon Ruth on Aug 11th 2020

I’ve only used this so far on one training day and some dry fire around the house. I found the slider to be not super intuitive to use with just the little tab. I plan on sewing on my own little tab to grab onto and it will likely alleviate really my only complaint. As a side note, the sling is notably louder than other options on the market when adjusting it. Construction appears to be excellent, but time will tell. The padding is very well executed.

Must Have
Written by Brad on Aug 11th 2020

This sling feels great on the neck with much more padded real estate where it's needed. It replaced my Haley Strategic sling on my main stick. Highly recommended.

Simple, and Perfect.
Written by Tyler Liberty on Aug 11th 2020

The SierraTac x Spiritus sling is everything you need and nothing you don’t. Simple, Lightweight, and easily adjustable.

Written by Justin on Aug 11th 2020

(Have yet to put any real world use on it) Overall first impression is food, feels high quality, I like that the padded area isn’t extremely wide like other brands out there. Looks to be just right. The quick adjustment is super smooth, stitching looks excellent throughout. I like that it came assembled, just add your preferred attachment points to the ends, a few quick adjustments on length and you’re slung.

Buy One
Written by Neal on Aug 10th 2020

Its dope

Written by Jeremy on Aug 10th 2020

This thing holds my rifle in place. It is very well made just as you would expect, like everything else from this company.

Better than the Slingster IMO
Written by Garrison on Aug 10th 2020

Easy to use, easy to adjust, and streamlined. No additional flashy gadgets or pieces that make you question, "why is this attachment or excess material even on the sling". After having the ferro slingster for a while as my main go to sling, this takes the place for #1 in my book. Added the ESD pull tab to the adjustment slider and this thing is ready to rock. Great collab on gear that is quality made and simply just works.

Amazing function and build quality.
Written by Scotty Miller on Aug 10th 2020

I’m a very amateur shooter but this sling is anything but. The Sierratac slider allows you to manipulate your weapon in varying situations fast. The sling build is solid and comfortable. Light weight but well padded. Spiritus always delivers on quality.

Very functional
Written by Chris on Aug 10th 2020

Great sling. Easy to operate, comfortable to wear, you forget it's there. High high quality, just like all of Spiritus' offerings.