Shotgun / 123CR Pouch Insert

Height 4.00
Width 6.00

The Spiritus Systems Pouch Insert Suite is designed to optimize your equipment through organization and increase performance by improving function. The inserts were designed to be modular, allowing you to mix and match them to your specific needs. 

The Shotgun/123A Battery Pouch Insert is a simple yet effective design that allows you to carry Shotgun Shells or 123A batteries in a secure and organized fashion. 

We utilized a larger footprint in order to give the insert stability and keep it in place even in the most non-permissive environments. While most Velcro placards on the market today are flimsy and unreliable, our insert suite is designed to stay in place exactly where you attach it. 

Simply attach the Velcro Hard Loop Insert into your pouch or onto your Soft Loop lined accessory. 

Holds Six shotgun shells or Six 123A batteries. 

Compatible with all Spiritus Systems Pouches.


Available in Jet Black.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately. 

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Written by Dave Esani on May 8th 2018


Shotgun Pouch Insert
Written by Jackson Shrewsbury on Oct 29th 2017

Very good product. Exactly what you need if you're the breech man or carry a shotgun instead of a rifle.