Murdery Things Patch

Height 2.00
Width 3.00
Depth 0.50



Time flies while you're in the upside down. Don't forget your machine gun.


Made by forces from another dimension. 

Measures approximately 2 Inches tall by 3.5 Inches wide.


Fully Embroidered. 

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MuRdErY tHiNgS
Written by @blindrocket_ on May 14th 2020

Awesome patch, the real deal. Don't accept any substitutions.

Murdery Things Patch
Written by Ryan Mayers on May 14th 2020

5/5, well crafted, cool design, no fraying to be seen so far. Shipping was fast as well.

Murdery Things Review
Written by Matthew Dehn on May 12th 2020

I bought it and now I get checked out by all the ladies, my bank account says I have too much money, my boss said I work too hard and gave me paid vacation and I get to sit with the cool kids at lunch. (Experiences may vary)

Murdery patch
Written by Reece Phillips on May 12th 2020

Its dope as fuck. +10 murderyness +50 big dick energy

Written by Alexander Shaw on May 11th 2020

By far my favorite patch yet!

Murdery Things patch
Written by Justin Lagman on Feb 6th 2019


Love it
Written by Ryan on Jul 6th 2018

Very well made. One of my favorite patches, it looks good on everything.

only the best
Written by Dylan B on Jun 11th 2018

From chest rigs, plate carriers and patches... Spiritus only makes the best. Sick design that will look good on whatever you slap it on. So what're you waiting for? BUY IT

Solid patch.
Written by Daniel Sanchez on May 15th 2018

Really nice patch with solid and clear lettering. Excited to rep it.