Microbat Systems Candy Pouch V3

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The Microbat Systems Candy Pouch is a Velcro-backed pouch that can be mounted to loop surfaces on chest rigs, plate carriers, or as interior storage compartmentalization in packs or backs that can accept hook surfaces. 

The Candy pouch is ideal for use an admin pouch than must be quickly mounted, removed or relocated to a different part of your kit for quick and easy access. The oversized YKK zipper and the Spiritus Systems Posi-Lock pull tab is quiet and durable enough to be mounted externally and integrated into any kit setup. 

The front of the Candy Pouch also features loop Velcro so you do not loose patch location real-estate once the pouch is mounted. Measuring 8”x4”, the pouch is designed to accommodate CR123A, AA and AAA batteries, chem-lights, disposable strobes such as space Unity SPARK markers, critical medical supplies/tools like extra bear claw gloves, allen wrenches, or multi tools.


Dimensions (Approximate) Height 4" x Width 8" x Depth 1"


Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.


If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact sales@spiritussystems.com