Medium GP Pouch

Height 6.00
Width 7.00
Depth 3.00
Color None Selected

There are plenty of GP pouches out there on the market, but this one is more than your average General Purpose pouch. Using feedback from service members of multiple organizations, we've expanded what a GP pouch can be.

The Medium GP Pouch features a front pocket for storing items like VS-17 panels or SSE bags. The material used on the front pocket stretches so it can be "stuffed" to provide overflow for additional items with minimal intrusion to items in the main pouch. 

We improved our attachment system based on user feedback. Tighter weaving to keep the pouch secure to your vest and a belt pass through have been added without additional weight to the pouch. It takes the best of both worlds by utilizing Webbing and low-profile, hight strength Hank. The Hank provides an ultralight and thin mounting solution, which pairs perfectly with the webbing attachment straps, providing extreme strength and ease of weaving. 

The inside of the pouch is lined with Velcro and accepts our Pouch Insert Suite. Together, this pouch can change the way you store your body-worn equipment. 


Dimensions (Approximate) Height 6" x Width 7" x Depth 2"


Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

Product Reviews

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I love this GP
Written by N. Workman on Jan 2nd 2020

Have been running this GP pouch on a duty belt as a Police Officer. I carry a Glock 43 inside a Vertx Velcro holster, along with a Sof t TQ, backup flashlight and pepper spray in the 3 item attachment from Spiritus that Velcro’s into the pouch. Love having all this gear on my belt, with me at all times. It’s a busy Department and my original GP lasted about 3 years. Bought a new one and transferred the items into the new pouch. I will always run this setup for as long as I’m in Patrol recommend it highly sue to great design and quality.

Simple and Awesome
Written by Cody on Dec 6th 2019

The pieces are extremely simple but durable. Possibly the easiest MOLLE pouch I’ve ever used. The straps on the back are extremely easy to thread through. Large enough to fit my binoculars (Vortex Vanquish 10x25) as well as another item. It’s a fairly compact set of binos. There is also a Velcro interior for there Velcro webbing pouches.

Written by Batman on Jul 20th 2018

Attention all “OPERATORS” sit down with your GP pouches and instruct them to be more like this one! Does it look just like the Crye Precision pouch?... yes!, but it’s built 100,000,000,000 x better and the PALS / belt mounting platforms have been refined to an art form! Is it expensive?...yes!, but so are Ferrari’s, babies, and penis implants... All things chicks dig. BUY IT!!!

Medium GP Pouch
Written by Ethan on Mar 29th 2018

I love this thing. It's been on a few detachments with me now and it has taken some pretty solid beatings without any signs of wear or tear. I keep my fire kit in mine and it's even had some of those chemicals spill inside it, the only thing that happened to it was three small green dots showed up. Definitely a primo product. I can't wait to buy a few more of these guys.