LV119 Front Plate Bag - C O V E R T

Height 12.00
Width 9.00
Depth 1.00
Size Required
Color None Selected Required

*** The LV119 Front Plate Bag requires a Rear Bag and Cummerbund for proper operation. ***

 The LV/119 C O V E R T Front Plate bag is a slick no frills solution for those who need hard plates in the lowest profile. A 3" x 5" velcro patch is sewn on for IR identifiers, patches or our jumbo flags. The bag is set up to run either slick or with a placard. Simply attach the included 1" ITW NEXUS hardware buckles to the hidden webbing loops to and attach your Micro Fight Chest Rig or other placard.  Behind the front bag is a "Map Stasher" pouch. This makes it easy to stow thin and commonly used items such a map or VS-17 marking panel. 

The LV/119 Plate Carrier System was designed to be a scalable and highly configurable plate carrier platform. The system will offer accessories ranging from Covert Low Visibility Operations, to High Threat Direct Action Raids. We designed the system to be issued in entirety to operators who can then select the desired configuration to meet their mission requirements. Accessories that will be released will include, O V E R T Plate bags, Back Panels, Placards, Side Plate Support, Molle Cummerbunds, Maritime Support, Tubes and much more. All parts and accessories will be interchangeable throughout the series. 


Plate Fitment- The carrier was designed to snuggly fit United States Standard Issue SAPI cut plates. The bags were built to accommodate "thicker" plates but they will not fit plates that are NOT cut to the SAPI Spec. 

Medium-10" x 12.5" 

Large- 10.25" x 13.25" 

Thickness- MAXIMUM of 1.20" 

Click here for the cummerbund installation quick start guide. 


NOTE: The LV119 Front Plate Bag is part of the LV119 Plate Carrier System. This item does not include a Rear Plate Bag, Cummerbund, Shoulder Covers, Placards, or any other accessories. Additional components are required for proper use.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

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Lv119 patrol rig
Written by Ryan on Sep 28th 2018

So far I'm really really liking it. Very minimal, everything I need for spare mags, plates and id panels. It's perfect for those active gunmen scenarios. My only gripe, and that's why the missing star, is them shoulder straps. I'll be the first to admit my plates are heavy (7lbs) but still. The strap angle is really narrow, and if you got average size traps..... It'll be very uncomfortable. Granted, when that call comes in, I won't be concerned about my shoulders. I'll be trying some different shoulder pads to see if it helps. Even with that gripe, it's a solid solid PC.

Legit AF!!!
Written by F09 on Sep 8th 2018

Honestly I rarely write reviews. Even if it's a product I believe in. Active duty 18D issues Crye AVS (which has its place). I shoot as much as I can on my free time to keep the reps up. I have experience with lots of plate carriers, but this is honestly the one that makes most sense for its purpose. Being a smedium guy 5'7" 155lbs I am issued a small AVS. I personally own medium DFNDR SAPI cut plates (that fit well in this carrier). This carrier makes me feel more mobile compared to a small AVS (with harness). Can easily maneuver a buttstock with good purchase and cheek weld. I love the fact that its slick. Having to carry an aidbag and doing HAFs people will learn that MOLLE is overated and snags all of the time. Not saying that I will use this carrier for my next overt pump. I am saying this is an excellent option if you have to do more low-vis stuff, and this is what it's designed for. 10/10 would bang. Geometry is on point for fighting and carrying plates, as it should be. Keep it up, and I'll be patiently waiting for the MT to replace my AVS more than likely.

Written by Dylan B on Jun 11th 2018

Quality piece of gear made by hard working Americans in the USA. Perfect low pro design with plenty of options that allow you to customize to your preference. If you're in the market for a Plate Carrier that can be used for more than one job (and looks bad ass) than the Spiritus LV-119 is for you.

Plate carrier
Written by Cody Newsome on May 29th 2018

This is a really well made kit. I have the front back 4in cumberbund and shoulder pads. I like the map pocket. Its the obvious place for it. I wish my issued KDH plate carrier had it. Theres really nothing worse than losing your map...especially if you're the FSO.

LV119 PC
Written by John Wells on May 14th 2018

Another home run by Spiritus Systems! This thing is built like a tank but at the same it looks like a Porsche! Very well thought out design and sewed together flawlessly. Easily integrates with my Micro and fits my Hesco P210 plates like a glove! Fast and easy to take the Micro off and run it as a low profile bare PC! This thing just rocks!