LV119 Cummerbund - 4" Elastic

Height 12.00
Width 4.00
Depth 1.00
Size Required
Color None Selected Required

*** The LV119 Cummerbund requires a Front and Rear Bag for proper operation. ***

The 4 Inch Elastic Cummerbund has been discontinued. Whatever stock remains is all that is left, there will be no further restocks. 


The 4 Inch Elastic Cummerbund is a simple and effective solution for those who need to carry, and have rapid access to additional ammunition and equipment on their sides while still maintaining a low profile. The cummerbund loads equipment on the sides which is advantageous while conducting low visibility or vehicle operations. Elastic cells are 3 inches wide and are built around your standard 5.56 Magazine, such as a PMAG. 

The 4 Inch Elastic Cummerbund is a high quality alternative to current offerings from other companies. It features premium, Berry Amendment Compliant materials sourced from the industries leaders in textiles manufacturing. It offers superior construction processes to include triple stitching on the elastic cells to prolong life and prevent cell failure when stuffed with non traditional or oddly shaped items. Color matched velcro and our proprietary rear attachment system come standard with every set. 


The cummerbund comes in two sizes. Size 1 and Size 2 each offering up to 14 inches of total adjustment. This allows for a proper fitment for all body types. 

To figure our your size, simply measure your waist at the belly button. When measuring please dress as you would while actually wearing the carrier. For example, if you are operating in arctic environments, you should be wearing your cold weather equipment when measuring. If your measurement is 42" we suggest going up to the size two. 

Size One 28" to 42" 

Size Two 40" to 54"


If your waist measurement is 42" we suggest going up to the size two cummerbund. 

 Click here for the cummerbund installation quick start guide. 



 NOTE: The LV119 Cummerbund is part of the LV119 Plate Carrier System. This item does not include a Front Plate Bag, Rear Plate Bag, Shoulder Covers, Placards, or any other accessories. Additional components are required for proper use.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

Product Reviews

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Comfort and utility +100
Written by Mitchell Erickson on Sep 21st 2019

I managed to utilize this cummerbund on the plate carrier I was issued as my unit forces us to use our issued carriers. After about two months of hard use going through an advanced school, not only can I attest to the quality of this product but it made my plate carrier so much more comfortable to wear and significantly dropped the weight. Now I also have the ability to stow coms, mags, and DDs (flash bangs) without having to attach anything to my carrier. Can’t recommend this product enough.

The whole shebang
Written by Nathan on Jun 2nd 2019

I have the whole system, LV119 Covert with Micro fight, sack, and Mbitr pouches. I am a skinny mofo so in order to get the LV119 tight I end up with the Velcro on one side of the cumberbund covering the other completely. This leaves me with a 4x4 Velcro field to hold the microfight and sack pouch. It works but it is not ideal.

4" Cummerbund
Written by Brian on Apr 13th 2019

While the attachment to the rear plate was a bit more difficult than expected, after initial placement I ended up adjusting slightly for better fitment and I feel it is more than adequately comfortable.