Lovecraft Wolf Patch

Height 3.00
Width 2.50

The Wolf with many eyes to watch all sides. No Diplomacy. 


Fully Embroidered, Velcro Backed.





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Stimulate Your Senses
Written by HP on Dec 10th 2020

Required equipment for those who require supernatural situational awareness.

This wolf saved my life
Written by Joshua Madden on Dec 4th 2020

When I went to my mailbox to retrieve my mail , I was jumped by two dogs who wanted blood. During the scuffle the envelope holding my wolf patch was ripped open and this patch began to glow with the power of the Almighty wolf and a great howl was released from the mountain side above my home. Those mangy dogs began to run and have never stopped. Never to return. Thank you Great wolf

Written by Matt on Nov 30th 2020

Always in the market for some quality and unique patches

Lovecraft wolf patch
Written by Edward on Nov 11th 2020

This patch when dawned literally lets me see in the dark without night vision. My aim got better +10 and +10 dick strength and I also pull hella pussy now. Thanks lovecraft wolf patch, i would recommend.

Lovecraft Wolf Patch
Written by Pagan Ridge on Nov 4th 2020

Let’s be honest, we all buy patches because they are cool, but this one did something strange - Believe it or not the same night I got this patch I got a call from three different women, all of whom I had interest in, all asking me out. Coincidence? Maybe, but I don’t believe in coincidence.

Beautiful Patch
Written by Steven on Oct 29th 2020

I'll be honest, I kind of hate how expensive and highly sought after some patches are. But this one was both reasonably price, and actually had something to decently cool on it so I decided to spend the eleven or so dollars it cost. Very happy I did. It has a really beautiful embroidery that goes in multiple directions and almost makes it look like fur on a wolf. Looks very, very good. I probably won't fall down the patch rabbit hole, but this is an awesome one and I'm glad I bought it.

Lovecraft Wolf
Written by jason on Aug 19th 2020

Amazing detail for the size, definitely grabbing a couple more.

Craftsmanship on point, as usual
Written by Joshua Maczinski on Aug 19th 2020

Another incredible patch from Spiritus. Never disappointed

Written by David Williams on Aug 18th 2020

Quality patch Better luck next time bud Spiritus all the WAY!

Great patch, just kidding... unless?
Written by Sam C on Aug 18th 2020

For real though, cool patch, well made and definitely won't be falling apart anytime soon

Really nice patches
Written by Darren Lew on Aug 17th 2020

Sick looking patches! Glad I snagged before it sold out

Wolf patch
Written by Melissa Garcia on Aug 17th 2020

I am a single Mom working in the service industry. Money is hard to come by but I always find a way to scrape up enough to surprise my son with your patches! He puts them all on the headliner of his truck and displays them proudly. WE LOVE all of your patches!!! Thanks for being so awesome!

Written by 1st2Fight on Aug 17th 2020

Looks great, sturdy and good materials.