Lazarus Headrest Kit

Height 5.00
Width 7.00
Depth 3.00
Maximum purchase 2

The Lazarus Deployable Headrest System is a simple, yet effective solution for storing easy-to-access to medical equipment in one convenient package.

The Lazarus Deployable Headrest System mounts to the any headrest in your vehicle and can be deployed by either the passenger or driver quickly and safely. The pouch deploys from either side, making it a great option for use in police cruisers, where there is often a protective shield that divides the rear compartment from the front of the vehicle. It also makes it easy for any passenger to deploy the kit from either seat. 

Americans spend a substantial amount of time commuting in their vehicles. Consequently, car accidents are a leading cause of both injury and death in America. We are much more likely to experience a situation requiring medical response than any other emergency scenario we train and equip for, highlighting the need for ready-access medical equipment. Police offices and first responders spend almost all of their working hours patrolling in their squad cars and responding to traumatic events. It only makes sense to keep medical equipment in your vehicle easily accessible and easily identifiable if you are providing immediate care and directing a bystander to retrieve your medical supplies.  

The pouch fully opens, allowing you to fully access to your contents. It also lays flat, creating an easy work space while retrieving parts from the kit. The pouch is Velcro lined and accepts the entire line of our Pouch Insert Suite for better organization of contents.

This kit comes as a two piece system: the Pouch and the Head Rest Chassis. Simply mount the Chassis to your headrest and slide the Lazarus Pouch into the adjustable 1 Inch Strap.  To deploy, pull one of the two handles and the pouch will break away from the Chassis, ready for use. 


Available in Jet Black.

Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact

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Looks great & functions better.
Written by BRR on Aug 20th 2020

First off everyone should employ some sort of medical kit in their vehicle , not JUST for range day/X activity day but everyday - To save themself, passenger(s) or even a stranger. Approx 1/3 of all traffic / collision related prehospital deaths are preventable. This Lazarus kit is designed very well and is not an eyesore (I’m looking at YOU behind the seat MOLLE cover people) & well crafted with quality materials as you expect from ALL spiritus items. Head rest Strap fits on the rather large 2019 Ram 2500 (Gen 5) leather head rest with still about an inch of extra strap length to spare behind the size adjustment buckle. The Included Flexible strap covers are great and hold everything in place while looking clean - not allowing any slack to dangle free etc. Lazarus Grab bag fits the “Advanced Trauma Response kit” that’s avail here on this website with extra space to spare - so mine also holds the contents of a NAR ipok kit , CAT TQ & a RATT gen 2 TQ , Large trauma shears & a normal size HyFin chest seal quite smoothly. Inside of the Lazarus has the Velcro “ loop“ side stitched in to the Opposite walls of it , so I think you can setup some sort of internal shelving, pocket, or item compression/ retention system for organizing your contents- I just crammed in all of the items I could fit. One thing I do worry about however is how extremely hot the interior of my vehicle gets and how that is possibly affecting Lifespan of certain medical items & components contained within my Lazarus kit. Anyways it’s legit - when it comes back in stock I suggest you snag one for yourself QUICK as they sell out fast.

Lazarus Deployable Headrest System
Written by Will on May 8th 2020

I like this ifak because of how it’s quickly deployable. I use to run my ifak underneath my passenger seat, but I found this to be in a more convenient spot on the headrest for more easy access. It’s also very easy to mount. However, the only thing I wish it had was somewhere to easily attach/store my TQ. Other than that, it’s an excellent ifak and serves its purpose.

Written by Charles on Apr 27th 2020

Had a med store under my back set, been looking to move it and this product did just that. Out the way but quick to access and a decent size

Road patrol
Written by Alex Judkins on Feb 18th 2020

I purchased this for my patrol unit. I mounted it on the back side of the drovers headrest. It holds everything I need and nothing that I don’t. It’s fast to grab and if I need to send someone to get it for me it’s easy to tell them what to grab. Thank you for a well thought out and quality built product. I have it with me 12 hours a day on patrol and feel better prepared because of it.

Lazarus Deployable Headrest System
Written by John Wells on Dec 3rd 2017

I picked up the Lazarus Deployable Headrest System for my Tacoma. My current trauma kit was located in my drivers side door and in my daily computer bag that is always with me when in the truck. I was looking for something that would be accessible to anyone in the vehicle during any type of emergency or accident. This system definitely seems to fit that bill. Me and my 9 year old son did several drills today and we were both able to access and deploy all the needed training aids from every seat in the double cab and from any of the open windows. While trying to reach the kit from the outside of the drivers side front and back windows was a stretch it was doable. Being able to set the tension of the mounting system to the Headrest and the bag in the mounting system baring lossing the whole seat or headrest in an accident I feel this mounting solution will stay put.

Lazarus Deployable Headrest System
Written by Jonathan B on May 11th 2017

Ordered this product for our Department Response Vehicle and it has proven to be a simple and effective addition. Ability to mount on front or rear of headrest, deployable by either grab handle, or buckle release. Item fits multiple first aid products including Tourniquets, Chest Seals, NPA, Trauma Bandages, etc. Great customer service, outstanding ship speed, and overall excellent design/build of a life saving product.