Kangaroo Rifle Magazine Insert

Height 4.00
Width 9.00
Maximum purchase 2
Caliber Required

The item is NOT compatible with the Micro Fight Chassis MK3 or MK4.

This unit is for use in a Plate Carrier, or for use with MK1 and Mk2 Chassis.


The Plate Carrier Magazine Insert is a custom solution to a common problem. Instead of using pull tabs, Velcro/snap flaps. or a hard kydex insert, we decided to be a little more innovative.  

Using elastic is very quiet when removing or adding magazines, giving you quick and easy access to your magazines while providing excellent retention. The pouch is retained by hard loop sewn to one side and soft loop sewn to the other, allowing it to fit in the kangaroo pouches of many Plate Carriers on the market today. Bottom depth limiters prevent your magazines from sliding too far down into the kangaroo pouch, ensuring positive magazine purchase.

Available in Jet Black Only


Available in:

5.56 x .45 - 3 magazines, single stack

7.62 x .51 - 2 magazines, single stack


Some images shown with optional accessories, sold separately.

If you are ordering for a MIL/LEO unit, please contact sales@spiritussystems.com

Product Reviews

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mag retention
Written by Garrett on Feb 7th 2021

Can confirm the 762 works great for 762 ak mags, can remove and put mag back in no problems.

Great utilitarian purpose
Written by RL on Nov 18th 2020

This fit my Harris portable radio like a glove. Now it serves as my cumberbund radio holder and Extra mag pouch in one.

Most Universal
Written by Kayson on Jun 5th 2020

I originally got this to hold M1a magazines but found out it can hold regular AR mags just fine, plenty of retention, same with AK mags. Im glad I chose this over the AR mag pouch.

Kangaroo insert
Written by ROB STOKES on May 27th 2020

This thing is great, I bought this to upgrade my poor level Condor MOPC. The mags fit very snug, the pouch is the perfect size for the pouch on the PC. Now they can't make fun of me about my whole kit, just most of it, life is good.

mag insert for plate carrier
Written by Brandon bagley on May 14th 2020

I just got this kangaroo mag insert a few days ago. I dropped it in my condor MOPC and it fits great. The only part is getting the velcro to sit right when placing it in (mainly my OCD) but other than that it works great, no yards sale with my mags when I fall ot run. My only tiny complaint and why I can't give it a complete 5 star review is how considerably slower it is to put a mag in it vs a kydex or something looser. However that complaint is so minuscule. Overall I'm pleased with the simplicity of it and the functionality. Can't wait to go to training to run it through the ropes.

Love both of my inserts!
Written by Jesse Mac on May 12th 2020

I own both the 556 and 762 inserts and both are great. I've found Kydex to be a little too rigid and can't stand having retention above my mags. Both inserts serve my bbwarz and range day needs perfectly at a very fair price.

Used for AK Mags
Written by William on May 5th 2020

I purchased the 7.62x.51 insert to use with AK mags in the kangaroo pouch of my plate carrier. They keep things secure decently enough although they were not explicitly designed for that application. It's not the best solution for the AK but us AK guys can't be picky.

Kangaroo Rifle Insert
Written by Chris Cooke on Apr 29th 2020

I purchased one these to use in my vest I wear at work (velocity) and it works great. I like that the magazines are held in place without a bungee retention system. Great product!

Good Stuff
Written by S. Wagner on Nov 27th 2019

I ordered this setup to go in my kangaroo pouch of my plate carrier. I used this setup for a very wet and cold range day. Jumping around and sliding into the mud I never had a yard sail of mags (other people did) and they stuck up far enough I could get good purchase on the mag to retrieve it even when slippery. Overall very high quality product. Thanks guys.

Extremely happy i bought this
Written by Logan Barnett on Sep 13th 2019

I ordered this for my plate carrier literally a week before I go out to the field for QRF and got it within a couple of days. the retention on the mag inserts is absolutely amazing and far superior to kydex or bungie held.

Bitchin product
Written by Andy on Mar 11th 2019

Just ran this piece of gear through three weeks of land warfare. Does exactly what I expected it to do. The retention is superb and it is low viz. tac reloads were easy. I put it in an eagle industries kangaroo pouch and it fits really well. I’ll be putting it in my jpc for the next few weeks of cqc and then souc. The quality of this product will have me coming back to this company for the rest of my time in the military.

don't hesitate, blows kydex inserts away
Written by Vinny Fulgieri on Mar 17th 2018

So ive put kydex inserts in, ive had mag pouches with kyxdex retention built in, nothing in my opinion is as effective or sleek as these. my only complaint is that it was a super tight fit, which may be my plate carriers mag pouch's fault so im not hesitating to give this 5 stars. Morale of the story. don't think twice about buying anything from Spritus systems. even their stickers are stickier